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Resolve To Stay Healthy and Live Longer


Stay In Shape

Plan Your New Years Resolutions Now

You may not be aware, but your health as you age is something you can control.

Whether you’re a new mom, in mid-life, or a Baby Boomer, there are several things that healthy people have in common, and they’re things that you can include in your life.

You don’t have to feel like you’re at the mercy of your life or your genes; you just have to take a little time to treat yourself correctly, and you’ll experience much better health as you get older.  Here’s a look at a few things you can do to improve your chances of staying healthy and living longer.

Maintain A Healthy Weight
For most of us, this means paying attention to our weight and keeping it in a normal range.  It’s hard to do, especially after having a baby, or for each year you celebrate a birthday.   It’s statistically better to be a little bit heavier than it is to diet and regain that weight.  That doesn’t mean you should feel okay about carrying a lot of fat – it’s hard on your joints and can contribute to some health problems.  But a weight where you feel healthy and energized is more important than a number on a scale.

Exercise Frequently
Try to exercise half an hour a day, as many days out of the week as you can. The more you exercise, the better off you’ll be. I’ve recently looked into treating myself to a new pair of Sketchers Shape Up Shoes to motivate myself!

Weight lifting can be particularly beneficial for women, because it can prevent osteoporosis by building bone density.  Don’t worry about bulking up – it’s almost impossible without hormone and protein supplements.  Do something you enjoy, and exercise won’t be a chore.  You’ll stay more mobile for a longer time, and feel a lot better.  People who are physically fit also suffer fewer debilitating injuries and heal up faster.

If you aren’t ready to implement these plans now, try to make it a New Year’s Resolution this year.

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  1. Hi Cindi, Great advice! I thought I’d share some tips from my Sandwich Generation exercise regime:

    I’m back in a two story house, so I run up and down the stairs as often as my arthritis lets me, which is most days. Sometimes a bit slower than others, but it really does make a difference. (I kid you not! I gained 5 pounds when we moved to an apartment – and have since lost them again now that I’m back with stairs! )

    Playing tag with my grandsons, as well as trotting after them as we go around the block – them on bikes or scooters and me in tennis shoes – makes for fun and healthy exercise.

    If one of my kids or friends gives me a call on my cell phone, I grab my earphone jack, a jacket if it’s cool, and hit the sidewalk. We have a great time chatting and I can usually get in a 1-3 mile walk at the same time. Then it’s back to the computer and SandwichINK where you might find me writing about it all. :) :) :)

    Have a blessed week! :)

  2. Wow Kaye ~ I’m exhausted just trying to imagine the visual of all that walking and running! Next spring should be fun with the grandkiddos once it gets warmer here in CT! Thanks for the great advice!

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