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How about you? Did your dieting plans fall through over the holidays? You've worked all year to get in shape. It could have been a New Year’s resolution that got you started. When winter hits, the weather gets cold and gloomy. Learn to ignore the gloom and doom and stay on track to better health.

Resolve to Stay Motivated This Winter Through Exercise



Stay Motivated Through Exercise

The New Year has arrived…and so another birthday has rolled around for me.

Connecticut is in the midst of yet another snow storm, expecting about 10 inches of snow. That didn’t hinder me from spending a terrific day with my family and celebrating by going out to dinner.

Speaking of rolls, I sort of went off of my diet over the holidays. I’d made some very good progress through WW, but ~ all those yummies at the open house parties were calling my name! And now there’s Mousse Chocolate Birthday Cake with my name specifically on it! Youch!

How about you? Did your dieting plans fall through over the holidays?

You’ve worked all year to get in shape. It could have been a New Year’s resolution that got you started. When winter hits, the weather gets cold and gloomy. Learn to ignore the gloom and doom and stay on track to better health.

During the warmer weather, it is easy to get physical activity. We work in the garden, go for walks in the evening, bike ride with the family, and spend lots of time outdoors. When someone wants to go, we jump up and go. There seems to be more energy in our steps.

The main motivation is looking good in great clothes. There’s nothing wrong with that. We all want to look our best for as long as we can. The by-product of looking good is that we can achieve great health benefits. Unfortunately, when winter rolls around, all we desire is to curl up on the couch in big sweaters and slippers. It’s not cute but it’s comfortable.

But, that big sweater gives us a false sense of security. We can’t see how much damage we could potentially be doing by eating and maintaining a sedentary lifestyle. It is okay to want to slack off a bit on the exercise but totally dropping things is a no-no.

Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated during the winter months.

To start, set a regular time to work out and stick to it. You may not feel like meeting a friend at the gym for a class but you can pop in a DVD, or if you’re one of the lucky ones who got a Wii Fit over the holidays, work up a sweat at home. Instead of cranking up the car and braving the cold, you’ll have stayed comfortable and worked out anyway.

Maybe the frantic pace of the holidays had you skipping workout sessions. Exercise is cumulative. Every little bit adds up. Fifteen minutes in the morning plus another 15 minutes in the afternoon equals 30 minutes of physical activity that day.

Physical activity doesn’t have to be an hour of jumping up and down to a routine. It could be reading a magazine while walking on the treadmill ~ Dancing around the room, as you vacuum and clean, counts as exercise, too!

Talk to a friend or workout buddy even if you can’t get to the gym with them each day. Use the telephone to keep each other motivated. When the weather leads you to slouch on the couch, phone a friend and get a pep talk until you jump up on your feet and get going.

Listen—you’ve worked mighty hard all year. Why throw it all away during the season of frivolity and food? It won’t be easy to stay motivated, but friends can help. Stick to the routine as much as possible and you won’t feel the after effects of a long indulgent holiday season – you’ll be one step ahead now that January has “rolled around.”

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  1. It IS so hard to stay motivated in the winter. I would really like to get a Wii Fit. I hear nothing but good things about them. Who knew they would come up with a video game that could get people up off the couch.

  2. Great post Cindi! I’m trying really hard to get moving. I especially like that you pointed out we can get 15 minutes in the morning and 15 later in the day and it counts for 30 min! I think we all forget that and think we have to toil and sweat for an hour at a time. Anything is better than nothing! Good job:)

  3. Very good tips!

    And Happy Birthday!

  4. When the snow begins to fly as it does here in Ohio, the motivation dwindles. The grayness and cold can cause hibernation to set in. So easy to throw in the towel. But having a buddy does really help to motivate you. I recently purchased a mini trampoline, and I love it. I started slow and only did as much as I could form the workout DVD. Each time I get a little further. Don’t get discouraged, don’t over do it, just a little at a time and soon you will be feeling stronger and the brain fog will lift. Crank up the music and have at it.
    Live Strong!

    Cathy Warren

  5. I would just love to have WII, I have heard nothing but great things about it. It’s freezing here too Cindi, we are in the -‘s. I hope you have a good weekend.

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