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Retinol Complex Age Defense ~ Skin Medica ~ A Cosmetic Review


Holiday and Party season are in full swing mode now, and to many gals, that means an opportunity to get all glammed up.

When I was a teen, (way back when), my friends and I would get together for a night out to party at the local “Y Spot.” There was always a friend who was good doing hair & up-do’s. I was the one that was the make-up & cosmetic go-to gal. I was terrific at doing eye makeup and cosmetics in general. My style (at the time) favored ‘Barbra Streisand’ and Liz Taylor ‘Cleopatra’ eyes.

I had a ritual where I used to use a certain astringent-type product, and almost never had a blemish, which thankfully, continued well into my adult life. Perhaps I was graced with good genes, compliments of my grandmother. My grandmother lived to be 101, and really, didn’t have a wrinkle or crow’s foot on her!

My beauty ritual continues to this day, allthough I’ve lightened up on the amount of makeup I wear except for special occasions. I start the day using a Retinol A face cleanser, followed by a daytime moisturizer.  I almost never leave the house without some type of moisturizer on my face. Each evening, I either use a special face cleaner for mature skin to remove my makeup; followed by a Retinol A face cleanser, and a night facial cream as well as an under-eye cream, all containing Vitamin A. I alternate evenings using an exfoliant.

I’m delighted to be able to review a product called Retinol Complex, distributed by Skin Medica.

I received a full size, 1oz (28.35g) pump bottle of Retinol Complex Age Defense. This product enhances skin texture through gentle exfoliation, and is recommended for mature skin. Baby Boomers with aging skin such as myself love this type of beauty regiment!

This intense formula with Vitamin A derivatives and Pro-Retinoic acid enhances skin texture through exfoliation. Key ingredients include Vitamin E, which protects skin from free-radical damage, and Green Tea Extract, which fights bacteria and reduces inflammation.

In order to give an honest review, I prefered to try the product for at least 10 days, and didn’t continue my normal evening routine with my own skin care products (with the exception of the face cleaner.) I used this product on only one side of my face.

Only a small amount of the product is needed. I used one “squirt” on the top of my hand, and applied it to one side of my face (forehead, the area between my eyebrows known as the “elevens”, my nose, face, chin and half of my neck area.)

When I awoke in the morning, after rubbing the side of my face where I used Retinol Complex, I actually did notice that my face felt smoother, softer, and looked a bit plumper, while any fine lines and whatever wrinkles I had looked filled in.

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