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Waxing on a regular basis can get expensive, but with Insta-Smooth Pods you can this part of your beauty routine can be done easily in the privacy of your own home!

Vlog: Sally Hansen Insta-Smooth Pods: Creme Hair Remover For Face


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Snap, Smooth & Go!

While out shopping today to pick up a card for my daughter’s birthday, I came across a beauty product I just had to share with you!  My new best friend, Sally Hansen, has come out with a New facial hair removal system called “Insta-Smooth Pods.”

Most women are familiar with the process of waxing, especially now that summer’s right around the corner.  With bikini’s, everything gets waxed these days it seems. However, before waxing came on the scene, we gals had to use a creme depilatory.

As a baby boomer, getting rid of unsightly facial hair is even more important to me.  Waxing on a regular basis can get expensive, but with Insta-Smooth Pods you can easily perform this part of your beauty routine in the privacy of your own home!

I just bought a new Logitech 9000 Pro Web Cam and am so eager to try it out!  To see how Sally Hansen Insta-Smooth Pods work, please watch my Inaugural Vlogging Moment, and watch me remove facial hair!

From the Sally Hansen website:

  • Hair Removal has never been faster, easier, more convenient!
  • First ever individual-use pods with built in applicator, give you precise results every time.
  • Snap, smooth, go!
  • No touch application, no drips and no mess!Perfect for upper lip, chin and hairline.
  • Compact & convenient portable pods go wherever you do – for instant use, easy disposal.
  • Great for on-the-go or last minute touch-ups.
  • Advanced moisturizing formula with Vitamin E, Aloe and Chamomile, for smooth, healthy looking skin.
  • Results in as little as 3 minutes!
  • Salon Tested – Dermatologist Tested.
  • Kit Includes: 6 Pods and complete instructions in English, Spanish and French.

Available at these local stores:
CVS, Stop & Shop, Meijer, Walmart, Target

Note:  I was not compensated for this review.

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  1. Cool vlog :) I never tried this one, but do get the wax from Sally Hansen and it seems to work great ;) I’ll need to try this! Thanks for sharing with us!
    .-= Look at what Firefly hopes you’ll read: …Payless Shoes =-.

    • Thanks! I wasn’t aware that Sally Hansen had a wax – I was too busy spending money at the salons!

      • I usually get it at Walmart, but they do have it in many other stores. It’s Sally Hansen Microwaveable Eyebrow, Face, Lip and Chin Wax and it’s like $4 or $5 depending on a store. It is good for many times and very easy to use! But since I hate the pain LOL and waxing does that every time, I’m so trying this cream you vloged about :)
        .-= Look at what Firefly hopes you’ll read: …Payless Shoes =-.

  2. Loved the video!! I may try this. I’m way too cheap to pay for waxing at the salon LOL.

  3. It was a great vlog. You are so adorable! I love your hair! The hair on your head not the hair you removed hehe. I look forward to more vlogs from you.
    .-= Look at what Sheilacakes hopes you’ll read: …Let’s talk about Sexual Harassment. =-.

  4. I really think I’d try these! I can’t see spending so much at the salon for a few hairs! Thanks for the great Vlog!
    .-= Look at what Henrietta hopes you’ll read: …Make it a "Date Night" this Friday! =-.

  5. Great vlog! Wonder if it would work on scalps? I use an epilady on mine currently, but would love to skip it occasionally.
    .-= Look at what Virginia from Lady V dZine hopes you’ll read: …EtsyMom Spring Gift Guide =-.

  6. The Charm Cellar

    That was so cute Cindy. I loved getting to watch you “in person” and hear your voice. And you are very generous to share such a personal moment with everyone in this manner. Of course “I” would never need a product such as this…..;-)

    • Thanks Wanda! Yes, I’m holding up fairly well for my age too as my grandmom lived to be 101 (don’t really need it) but thought it was an interesting product to show the world LOL. Right.

      I agree, it’s nice to hear the “voices” of the bloggers behind the computer screen!

  7. YOU are adorable!!! Great job

  8. You totally reminded me of Shirley McClain from Steel Magnolias with that stuff on your upper lip. lol

    Great review and vlog. I’ll have to try that out sometime. Looks easy and affordable. Thanks Cindi!
    .-= Look at what Stefanie hopes you’ll read: …Wordless Wednesday =-.

  9. That looks like a product I need to invest in. I have the unsightly mustache coming on.
    .-= Look at what Frantic Holly hopes you’ll read: …Cottonelle Roll Over =-.

  10. That was a great vlog. Way to put yourself out there, Getting on camera makes me so nervous and I’m thinking about going on stage for Moms Night Out. EEEK.
    .-= Look at what Louise hopes you’ll read: …The Final Monday Moment Sponsored by Starbucks #giveaway =-.

  11. Thanks for the review You did a great job. I’ll need to try those out. pesky lip hair and I hate having my eyebrows done too
    .-= Look at what Tricia hopes you’ll read: …WW: Mini Motorcyle Baby =-.

  12. Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to pick some up. Great Vlog..nice to see your face ;)

  13. You spoke very well and explained the product expertly. You look lovely even with that stuff on your lip. Way to go with your first vlog, you really took a chance doing a review of this type of product!
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  14. You did a wonderful job! I am happy to hear about these – thanks!

    You are a natural at vlogging, and I would love for you to join in Monday Mingle! It’s a weekly meme I host where we answer 3 questions via vlog and link up. It’s really fun and is such a fun way to meet other bloggers face to face!
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  15. Congrats on your first vlog Cindi! Can’t wait to try out this cool product!

  16. That was so cute – reminded me of Steel Magnolias too :)
    I always wonder if that kind of stuff is going to sting or irritate my skin so I’m scared to use it.

  17. I bought different Sally Hansen products before , but I never seen the pods. I need to look for them. Great job on the vlog.
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  18. Hi Cindi! Looks like I was the last person on earth to hear about PODS. But I can’t wait to try them. I sure have a lot of those pesky chin hairs and can’t see beans to tweeze them out. Thanks for the tip. NICE Video blog too!

  19. I wax my own eyebrows and upper lip … at home with a wax kit from Avon. Have to try this though because it seems easier to try! Great first vlog, def cool seeing you and hearing you on video!

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