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Sarah Palin ~ A Sorry Time for Feminists ~ Ask Your Baby Boomer Mothers


Part of my responsibilities at my cubicle job as a Legislative Research Analyst (my official title) are to read many national newspapers ~ North ~ South ~ East & West. In doing so, I get the opportunity to read many syndicated columnists and local columnists.

It was a longer than usual ride home in traffic from the cubicle job tonight and I was listening to my favorite talk radio station. This longer than usual ride gave me a considerable amount of time to stew over an article I had read in the Providence Journal by Fromma Harrop. It’s a definite Must Read.

Bear in mind, that as a Baby Boomer, I have been around for the following Administrations:

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton & W.

I’ve also been around for the Beatles, Beach Boys, Woodstock, Kent State, 1968 DNC, Vietnam ~ you get the idea.

I’m also from the State of Connecticut, where we have a female Governor who’s family are grown and are adults.

While I consider myself an intelligent, informed Voter ~ I don’t normally wax poetic about my political inclinations.
And just for the record ~ I’m an Independent.

However, I cannot contain myself this election year.
Sarah Palin absolutely scares the daylights out of me, and I resent the fact that we women are being fed a line of carp and being sent down the river. I am afraid for my daughters. Was she thoroughly ‘vetted?’ I think not. This election is reminding me of a bad “B” movie.
I came of age in the 1970s when women, fresh out of college, went to work and their incomes didn’t even count towards a mortgage application. It wasn’t too long before then that unmarried women were granted access to ‘The Pill.’
We married, had children, went off to work full-time thinking we could have it all, and quickly found out that wasn’t possible. Need extended family leave? Ha. Maternity Leave? Maybe, if you’re lucky.

But Sarah the Terminator of all things your Feminist Mom fought hard for Palin, comes along and says ~ sure, it can be done. Watch me. She went back to work after 3 days of having her son. Now isn’t Corporate America going to have a field-day with that one next time you need personal leave.

Today I read in the New York Times that Sarah hid her pregnancy from her closest family for months, bragged about having a one-month pregnancy and didn’t even bother to tell her other children that the baby had Downs Syndrome ~ read about it here, in the New York Times.

Here’s an eye-opening article that bears reading from the Providence Journal. I dare you to read it and be impressed with Sarah. Appealing to the Martian Vote ~ Read it HERE.

Or these articles, from Sue Reimer in the Baltimore Sun ~ A woman — but why this woman? and Hard to choose sides in the Mommy Wars.

My daughters are in their 20s. I worry for them if Sarah gets elected. If you’re one of my younger readers, and not from my Baby Boomer Generation ~ ask your own mothers ~ or an aunt or close friend or relative ~ do they still think they can have it all without sacrificing something?
I’m not a betting person, but I bet you they say it’s not possible. I’ve always been somewhat of a Feminist ~ and am insulted that this woman is supposed to be the “Uber Woman.”

Wake up ladies and gentlemen ~ don’t fall for this line of garbage. If you have daughters, keep them in mind when you vote.

Be Afraid ~ Be Very Afraid.

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  1. THANK YOU! Thank you thank you thank you.
    She scares me to death and I am so afraid that other women are OK with her being portrayed as the image of a successful modern woman.

  2. I too am a baby-boomer with a daughter and share the same fears about Palin as an option for our daughters, and our civil rights.

  3. YES!!!! I am not a baby boomer, but I agree with you one million percent!!!!!

  4. Bowing down to you, and this post. Why aren’t we, as women, demanding more from her? I am sick of people treating her with kid gloves . . .she is the VP pick for goodness sake and she needs to be veeted just as much as the others have for the past TWO years!

    Love this post, and my mom had sent me the link to Women Against Sarah Palin a few days ago, it’s nice to see it around here! :)

  5. I absolutely agree with all you are saying. I am highly insulted that the Republican Party would think that women are so stupid that they would vote for someone just because they have female organs. I am 58 years old and I am so angry I could burst. And by the way, doesn’t she realize that people in this country are elected by the grace of the people, not god?

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