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School Cancelled for a Snow Day ~ How to Have Fun in the Winter Air


TGIF ~ It’s Friday! Actually, the start of a long weekend began yesterday for many school kids. Here in New England we’re expecting at least a foot of snow in parts of many states. Virtually every school is closed in Connecticut, and not a flake of snow has dropped yet in my town.

If you’re a Mom (or Grandmom) and had a baking day planned while the kiddos were in school and suddenly find that you have the pitter-patter of little feet running around, here’s some cool ideas to keep everyone busy.

Who says that the cold weather means you stay indoors? There is no reason why the winter can’t be a fun time for family just like the summer. Here are some ideas for having fun in the winter air.

1. Go sledding. The big hill could be in your back yard or somewhere else in the neighborhood. Grab the sleds and head for the top. Sledding is one thing that adults can do and still feel like a kid. Everyone loves the feeling of their heart in their throat as they go speeding off towards the bottom of the hill. Hardware stores sell out of sleds so get yours early.

2. Have a snowball fight. But, don’t just hide behind a tree. Take the time to build a snow fort. The family can divide into teams and each take an hour or two to construct the snow place of safety. Once the forts are finished and the flags are flying, let the snow fly!

3. Make snow angels. Wear a warm coat, gloves, and hat before attempting this wonderful winter artwork. Find a clear clean place in the snow and allow yourself to fall backwards. The snow will break your fall. Once you’re down there start flapping those arms and legs.

4. That walkway isn’t going to get clean all by itself. Each person can take a shovel or a bucket and work together to get it cleared. Why pay someone else to do it when the family can get some physical activity together? Afterwards, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa together and warm up.

I actually enjoy eggnog & brandy, myself ~ a Baby Boomer New England special.

5. Try a new sport. The winter brings a new set of exercises to enjoy. Take up snowboarding, skiing, or ice skating. The point is not to become an expert but to have fun with your family.

6. Catch a snowflake on your tongue. This is an activity that has to wait until the snow is actually falling but when you live in New England like I do, that could be an everyday occurrence! Stand out on the front lawn and throw your head back. After catching a few, take a break. No one wants to get a sore throat.

Besides, the neighbors will wonder what is going on when they see everyone sticking their tongue out.

7. Build a snowman. By this time, you’ve tried everything else so a snowman is the last best thing to do in the snow. It’ll take everyone’s help to roll a really big base and lift the other body parts on top of each other. A sturdy snowman will take longer to melt in the sun.

We received the cutest little “Snowman in a Kit ~ Just Add Snow” as a Christmas gift one year. Inside an adorable red box was a Top-Hat, Gloves, Black-Button pegs, hearts and a pipe!

Don’t sit in the house longing for warmer weather. Get out and enjoy the possibilities of the winter season—together.

How will you be spending your days with the kids when they have snow days? Let me know!!

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  1. I wish I could do all those things in your list but there’s just no snow in Malaysia!

  2. Lots of GREAT ideas! Unfortunately, we don’t live in New England and even though we had TONS of sleet, my pumpkin still had to go to school. I am looking forward to making snow angels! That is the best!

  3. Cindy, I’m SO envious of all that snow!!! Where I live in Northern CA, we don’t see snow like that or snow at all, for that matter!! All my extended family live in the New England area and my dad was just telling me that some of them are without electricity b/c of all the storms! I guess that’s the part I’m not so envious of.

    From the looks of your list, it looks like you’ve got some great ideas on how to enjoy all that snow!

  4. My girls loved the snow this time around… they were out sledding and tried to build a snowman, but it wasn’t “packing snow.”

    Thanks for sharing a bunch of winter weather fun tips… no doubt we’ll be needing further inspiration as winter has only just begun…


  5. Frugal! I love it! Too bad we haven’t seen but 60 degree days here :(

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