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Do people comment on the quality of your memory pages and digital scrapbooks? Do they ask you what they should do with their own, or where to get the best supplies? If you've experienced this time after time, a home based business might be appropriate.

Scrapbook Entrepreneur: Ideas To Work From Home


Preserving Memories


Turn Your Hobby Into a WAHM Business

When my girls were babies, I started a scrapbook, or baby book for each of them.

Over the years I’ve compiled notes on many of their “firsts” – first tooth; first immunizations; first haircut and other milestones.

I’ve kept up their family histories all the way from when they were first born, through grade school, high school, college, weddings and in the case of my oldest daughter – her first baby.

Today, this art of maintaining memorabilia has morphed into the art called “Scrapbooking.”

My two nieces are very much into scrapbooking and have compiled some beautiful books. One of my nieces has 5 children.

What is Scrapbooking?  Wikipedia defines it as:

Scrapbooking is a method for preserving personal and family history in the form of photographs, printed media, and memorabilia contained in decorated albums, or scrapbooks. The idea of keeping printed materials of personal interest probably dates to shortly after the invention of printing.

If you’re crafty, then you might want to consider supplementing your income by starting a scrapbooking business.  It could be a great way to turn a hobby into a money making opportunity and enable you to work from home.  Of course, to really be a success with your scrapbooking business, you’re going to need to have a plan and know what you’re doing.  Let’s take a look at the best course of action if you’re thinking about becoming a scrapbooking entrepreneur.

First, you’re going to need to decide whether or not you want your hobby to be a business.

It might not be immediately obvious why it would be a bad idea.  However, when our hobbies turn into another kind of work, it can be hard to find ways to relax.  Make sure that you’re ready to add in another job, and that scrapbooking will still be your passion after money gets involved.

Next, think about whether there’s a demand for your services.

Do people comment on the quality of your memory pages and digital scrapbooks?  Do they ask you what they should do with their own, or where to get the best supplies?  If you’ve experienced this time after time, a home based business might be appropriate.  It’s no fun to leave your photos sitting in a drawer or on the computer, and people now are realizing that.  People are always looking to preserve memories of milestones such as births; graduations; weddings; vacations and retirements.  You can help them make their dreams of a beautiful scrapbook come true.
Prepare to market your talent.

Put together a portfolio of your best work, compiling the pages you’re proudest of.  That way your prospective clients will have something to look at that’ll tell them what kind of quality you have to offer.  Make sure you include only professional quality work.  Don’t fill out a scrapbook portfolio with pieces that aren’t up to snuff.  It won’t look good, even if they make the portfolio look a little thicker.

Now you’re ready to start looking for clients.

You’ll need to let others know you have this business. Start by telling your family and friends, and encourage them to tell other people they know.  Write an online press release, or have one written by a professional who knows the format.  You can also submit this press release to local papers and in other areas in the community.  Just a flyer at church, the grocery store, or in the craft store can do a lot too.  Start writing a blog. A quick way to start a blog is HERE. After you develop a good client list, think about offering discounts for referrals.

The business can expand if you’re willing to not just offer scrapbooking services, but to teach others how to put together scrapbooks too.  Set up a class and teach people in your community how to present their memories in an attractive way.

A scrapbooking business can be a lot of fun and you can turn it into a second career or may make some extra money for your family.  Just remember to research current going rates and charge fairly for your time and materials so you don’t undercut yourself.  If you approach things the right way, your scrapbooking business could really take off.

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  1. Great idea! I love to scrapbook but I haven’t done it in almost a year LOL.
    .-= Sheilacakes´s last blog ..I am a ZOMBIE MOMMY! =-.

  2. Thanks! I’m not crafty enough to be a scrapbooker, but I know some who are good enough to pursue it professionally. I’ll definitely pass your site along!
    .-= marybeth @´s last blog ..Bumbleride Indie Twin and Bumbleride Jam Pack Review =-.

  3. Great content!
    You always have the best ideas!
    .-= Faythe´s last blog ..2010… and the =-.

  4. I’ve recently taken up digital scrapbooking which is fun, less clutter(!) and comparably priced to “traditional” scrapbooking. I also like that if you don’t like how your page turned out, you can just “scrap” it (lol, bad pun) and then start all over again.

    I think this is a great WAHM business, because people who don’t have the time or creativity can still have a homemade scrapbook of their memories, and those that enjoy doing it can bring in an income from something they like doing.
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..Tropical Traditions Moisturizing Lotion Giveaway =-.

  5. This is exactly what I did more than five years ago. I took my hobby and make it a business and started my own custom digital design business, specializing in wall art and memory albums. I ran it for almost five years and while I never became a millionaire, I had great success as defined in other ways: a stellar reputation, tons of repeat clients, several publications and wonderful word-of-mouth advertising.

    It was rewarding, but because I definitely ran my business as a “business” and not a hobby, it was incredibly hard work and I got burned out by my fifth year. I found myself spending way too much time on all the non-sexy, tedious stuff like marketing, accounting, prototype development, website design and maintenance, advertising, blah blah blah and I hardly had any time to create, which was the reason I got into it in the first place. Looking back, I should have hired somebody to take care of all of those other things but such is the lesson learned by a control freak, I guess.
    .-= Creative Junkie´s last blog ..Sunday regurgitation: If Smokey the Bear wore shoes, he’d no longer shake in them =-.

  6. Great post, very informative. I lack the organizational skills to be a scrapbooker…sigh!

    Thanks for sharing, going to share this with my friend who does scrapbooking!
    .-= Deal-ectible Mom´s last blog ..Case of Earth’s Best Baby Food as low as $6.79 Shipped! =-.

  7. I wish that I was organized enough to scrapbook. I don’t even get my photos printed after I take them! I do know a few women that make a living from scrapbooking though.
    .-= ConnieFoggles´s last blog ..Get Our Address Correct =-.

  8. Great post! Love the idea of turning a hobby into a business!

  9. I love scrapbooking, but I haven’t had the time for it this past year. I think I am going to try the digital photobooks this time.

    I love your suggestions for starting a business based around something you already love. There are so many people who would love to have their child’s pictures organized in a cute scrapbook, but yet they don’t want to or can’t do it themselves.
    .-= chattygal´s last blog ..Join the Pound for Pound Challenge to Raise Money for the Hungry =-.

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