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Should I live in Indiana ~ Is a Dunkin Donuts Nearby?


Gloucester Fisherman

Interesting.  According to this Meme, I should live in Indiana.  I’ve only flown over Indiana, and as a native New Englander, can’t even imagine not living within a daily commute of a Dunkin Donuts, fried clams, chowda  or salt water.  At most, I’d have to live near either some type of large lake (think Lake Champlain in Vermont  or Lake Winnepausakee in New Hampshire, Tahoe or a Great Lake.)

I’ve never been to any of these other states.  I have been to Savannah, Georgia, and enjoyed it for it’s historical ambiance, notoriaty for “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” and  proximity to water.  So, Georgia could be a possible maybe.

Any suggestions for other large lakes for me, with some mountains in the USA?

You Should Live in Indiana

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  1. I like Indiana.;) We do have Dunkin Donuts….but only ONE! LOL!

  2. I’m in New England too. Can’t imagine not being near water! I doubt I could go without a Dunkin Donuts either. Interesting meme though.

  3. We have a couple Dunkin Donuts near the Illinois border. And it’s kind of boring here…but I like it anyway. We could get coffee together!

  4. It depends on what city you live in.
    Dunkin has plans for 80 loactions in the greater Indianapolis MSA.
    We do not have any mountains or large lakes in the Indy area but if you lived in NW Indiana you would have plenty of Dunkins to choose from (approx 400 in the Chicagoland area) as well as an easy drive to see Lake Michigan which while not an “ocean” certainly looks like one.

  5. Indiana is great. Any state that can boast they have me as a resident is, right? ;-) And, guess what. We have our very first Dunkin Donuts opening in my little ol’ town soon, I can’t wait. Although, I guess technically we had one years ago that shut down, but that was in the little city that sits in ours, but claims it is its own city, but needs to use our zip code for, like, ever.

  6. As one who lived in Maine for 10 years I can tell you that you would miss the ocean.

    But, there is a quieter and less dramatic beauty that can be found other places.

    Oh and I love that movie and that book also….it’s one of my faves.

    My daughter who teaches took a tour there when she was teaching the book.

    I must go someday. alas I have only been to the port in Savannah and it’s uggllllyyyyyy:-)

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