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Sixth Sense ~ Intuition ~ The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Sixth Sense

I’m going to throw a topic out here for discussion. I don’t want my readers to become all weirded out over it, and don’t stop reading my blog. See, I have many different sides to me.

But I need some other opinions.

I’ve always felt I’ve had a sixth sense ~ that I’m extremely intuitive. It’s happened waaay too many times for it to be a coincidence. I know it happens. I can’t explain it.

I used to work with a gent who has since left, and he really believed me when I told him of some of the incidents. He understood. He had a Master’s in psychology, too.

Let me back up. Many years ago before I was married, we were in NYC for a night on the town, and in a restaurant one night, MIL, my ex SIL and I had our palms read for $1.00. We all laughed at the predictions. Mine came true. I think that was a turning point for me. Some event has to trigger this sense, or “gift.”

I look at my cell phone for no reason. It rings. It’s who I was thinking of. I mentioned in another post, that I’m a people observer. I sense the good, the bad & the ugly. I’m usually right-on-the-mark.

I get bad vibes and premonitions at times. Again, right-on-the-money. There’s more, but I won’t go into it now. I’ve told DH many times what I feel. I don’t know if he’s a believer, but I think he’s catching on after 34 years that there just might be something to what I’ve been telling him all along.

My kids look at me cross-eyed like I’m way out-there, but inside they know ~ Mama knows best.

I know things. I feel things. They happen.

Excuse me if I’m being politically incorrect, but my Mom’s side of the family is of Eastern European heritage. I think there’s part gypsy in me. I know there’s part Canadian Indian in me.

Sometimes I think my Mom is sending me messages. My “Bonus Son-in-Law”, the twin, asked if I can talk to the dead. No, I don’t talk to the dead. Yes, I go to church. But I feel things.

Am I weird? Does anyone else feel like I do? Do you believe?

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  1. I believe too – and I would gather that alot of people will too, even if they don’t say so. I don’t have any gift but my father definitely does – to the extent that he has had many ‘encounters’. He also thinks he has a bit of the ‘witch’ in him. Who’s to say that we don’t all have the capability – its just that some have it switched on and others don’t.

  2. I totally believe. I think everyone has that intuition, just untapped. I’ve had some weird thoughts and vibes that I’ve looked back on, realizing I had them for a reason. thought about something happening, it happened. thought about seeing someone, saw them… I never, EVER ignore my intuition.

  3. This is fantastic!
    (I understand your trepidation in this subject because this is my first comment for you and I’m concerned if you’ll think I’M strange! :-> )
    You are open to all of the energy around you. I think it’s wonderful.
    I hope that it doesn’t overwhelm you too often. What a life-story you must have!


  4. That isn’t weird at all. Sometimes it’s the law of attraction working, you pick up your phone and really believe it’s going to ring and whallaw. If you want to read more about this kind of thing read Brian Weiss, MD, or Many of the books associated with Disappearance of the Universe.
    Everyone and everything is one and we can do amazing things with our mind and spirit.

  5. Omigosh – I am right there with you. Though I’m not as in tuned to it as you are… but it’s there.

    So much so, that those close to me now come to me to help them read between the lines in sticky situations, or any situation that they can’t seem to make sense of.

    And you know what?

    After at least 10 years of calling it, I’m always spot on.

    Just don’t ask me anything personal about myself – that I’m sure to screw up. lol – something about vested emotionally, I guess. ;)

  6. I’m with Mama Flo on this one. We can all tap into the collective consciousness because we are in essence, all one, and so if we are open to this, we receive communications faster than in “conventional” forms of communication. By the way, I am glad to read this post and see that you have many facets to your personality.

  7. Hi, yes I totally understand where you are coming from. I am only 23 years old, and I have had this sense of strong intuition since I was young. I have usually been able to describe on a 95% scale, a person, what they look like. I have images and preminitions not all the time, but when i do its 100 per cent true. I can sense spirits although I can’t see them, I can judge a person by seeing them the very first time, it’s difficult to say that i am a Psyhic because I am not. I do completely understand you though because of everything you wrote it completely describes the way I am…But what would we call that…a sixth sense?

  8. Being intuitive or psychic or having feelings (however one wants to name it) is a natural ability we all have to one degree or another.

    What freaks people out about it is they don’t understand it, and most people shut down and don’t develop it in themselves.

    When someone is open to it and has a gift for it and senses something “bad” and then it happens – others start to think maybe the “prediction” or the person doing the prediction caused it. This is NOT true.

    Another thing people don’t understand is if you “sense” something is going to happen – then why can’t you prevent. Well sometimes you can – but unfortunately a lot of times you can’t. So they are frightened and wonder what is the point of “knowing” about it then. The best I can do to answer that is repeat (briefly) what my spirit guides have shown me when I struggle with that question — “so that on some level you are prepared to cope with what is ahead.”

    Feel free to get in touch if any one has questions or concerns about these types of thing. I have over 30 years of experience and Im’ still learning.

    Bright Blessings, Lady Rose

  9. I’m so glad to see that everyone’s been so positive about this topic! I totally believe in all of that. My mom had visions that came true, and when she said “I’ve got a bad feeling” we all listened. I have some of that ability also. I think everyone does, but some poeple are just more open to it.

  10. I totally believe. I have seen things and I have known things. I have even had dreams of things while they were happening.
    .-= Look at what Not So Average Mama hopes you’ll read: …Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Minnie’s Bow-Tique on DVD! =-.

  11. Cindi,

    I absolutely believe in all of this. I find it very intriguing and LOVE to listen and learn more about it. I have had a few encounters and “felt” things too. Dreams I have had, come true and I can’t explain them. LOVE it!
    .-= Look at what Shop with Me Mama (Kim) hopes you’ll read: …Riversol congratulates Freestyle Ski team members on Olympic Gold Silver – FINAL & Giveaway! =-.

  12. Hi ~ I don’t “see” things, nor do I dream things – I just get strange feelings and premonitions, and then bingo – I’m right there. Perhaps because I can read body language so well, or predict things. It’s gotten so I know “what that feeling is.” Usually it’s ominous, and never good things, I don’t know why.

  13. Hi Kim – Although I wrote this almost 2 years ago, another example occurred recently. My birthday was in January and we celebrated at my DD27’s house.

    She lighted the candles on my cake, and one really, really had a very high flame. It spooked me.

    I think my mom was “visiting” wishing me Happy Birthday. Truly.

  14. I think to a degree it is something everyone has- and it is a matter of how tuned into you are. If you arent tuned in, that high flamed candle would be nothing more than a gob of wax, if you are it holds significance.
    I also think it is something that is strong at times and wanes at others- maybe it is distractions in life.
    The other thing is it seems some are good at ‘reading people’ and intentions while others have different experiences.

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