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You don’t have to go to big lengths to acquire some results in the struggle to beat eczema. In just about many instances all you need to apply is good sense and some consistency in your daily skin care routine.

Skin MD Natural Safer Than Aqueous Creams for Eczema


Quite a few eczema sufferers aren’t mindful that oftentimes a superb skincare regime is all that remains between incessant eczema and dry itchy skin agony and better living. Simply by changing your skin care techniques using SkinMD Natural can make all the difference.

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Beat Eczema

You don’t have to go to big lengths to acquire some results in the struggle to beat eczema. In just about many instances all you need to apply is good sense and some consistency in your daily skin care routine.

I occasionally experience eczema especially during the long winters here in New England. I have sought dry skin remedies and have reviewed SkinMD Natural lotions in the past and with the cold winter months upon us and eczema flare ups sure to follow, I think the following information may be helpful to my readers and those that may have dry itchy skin or eczema.

Aqueous creams have been a long time recommendation of dermatologists and pharmacists for dry skin and eczema but new data shows they should be avoided. Last month the British Journal of Dermatology conducted a study that shows a common ingredient in aqueous creams Sodium Lauryl Sulfate can weaken the skins protective barrier and potentially worsen eczema.

Is Shielding Lotion a Safer Eczema
Treatment than Aqueous Cream?

A recent University study found that a popular eczema and dry skin treatment could be doing more harm than good.

The use of aqueous cream, one of the most widely prescribed treatments for eczema and other dry skin conditions, is being called into question after a recent study from the University of Bath published in the British Journal of Dermatology. The study shows that Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) a detergent commonly used in aqueous creams, damages the skin’s protective barrier, making eczema and dry skin worse.

Richard Guy, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University and Project Supervisor explained: “The skin has a protective barrier layer of lipids, around one eighth the thickness of a sheet of paper that stops chemicals from getting into the body and keeps moisture in.”

“SLS is a detergent used to mix oils into water-based moisturisation creams to give a nice creamy texture. It’s also used widely in shower gels and other cosmetics. Our study has found that rubbing aqueous cream containing SLS into the skin, thins this protective barrier, making the skin more susceptible to irritation by chemicals.”

“So to use this cream on eczemous skin, which is already thin and vulnerable to irritation, is likely to make the condition even worse.”

After making sure Sodium Lauryl Sulphate isn’t being used in your eczema treatment product check the ingredients of your other skin care and personal care products. SLS is often used in many lotions, shampoos, soap, and even toothpaste. Exposure to SLS can lead to serious side effects, such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, skin irritation, nausea and vomiting.

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion provides a natural alternative to dry skin and eczema treatment for those currently using aqueous creams. It has been recommended by over 4,500 dermatologists for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin problems. The shielding lotion contains natural and safe ingredients that work together to enhance the skin’s own natural protective abilities.

Dr. Lisa Benest explains that “A shielding lotion like Skin MD Natural provides a natural barrier on top of the skin to protect it from outside chemicals and irritants. In addition, it also acts to keep the moisture and the oils in the skin so that the skin can heal itself.

Shielding lotions not only protect the skin’s barrier but they restore the moisture to the skin and allow the skin to continue to moisturize itself, so that your skin does not become addicted to the moisturizer, and ultimately cures the dry skin.”

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  1. Excellent article- and I had no clue SLS made things worse- I mean of course shampoos and such have SLS but I sure didnt think to look at lotions! Might have to try this- When the furnace is on, it takes a toll, and the older I get the drier my legs (whats with that? we dont need to shave as much!)

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