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Performance Bedding

Sleep Solutions to Look Younger and Feel Better


Healthy Lifestyle

You don’t have to go to a spa or under the knife for cosmetic surgery or spend money on botox treatments in order to look ten years younger. Instead, make a few lifestyle changes and start treating yourself with a little TLC and you will be amazed at the results. Things such as sleep, diet, exercise and more play a huge role in your appearance.

Being extra tired during the winter months is actually quite normal.  We desire to sleep more in winter because we get less light and serotonin and more melatonin.  Sleeping too much produces abnormal levels of melatonin.  The more we sleep, the more we want to sleep because of the increase in this neurotransmitter.

Getting the proper amount of comfortable sleep is a sure-fire way to not only look younger, but to feel great as well. While you sleep, cells go through a repair process and your body releases the hormone melatonin. This hormone has very positive effects on the skin. The result is radiant and youthful looking skin, fewer lines and less puffiness around the eyes.  Even when traveling, I often bring along some performance bedding, such as a travel pillow, so that I can rest comfortably on a long trip.

My husband and I, both baby boomers, have been married for over 30 years.  While I can’t turn back time and look like the young bride I once was, I at least try to dissuade time from taking it’s toll by taking care of myself.   This holiday season I’m looking into purchasing new eco friendly bedding which would include a new mattress and pillows.   I have a solid cherry Statton 4-poster bedroom set.  On each finial there’s a pineapple, which is the New England symbol of friendship.   Since we spend approximately 8 hours out of our days sleeping, of course, I’m also interested in all the amenities that would make my bedroom a special sanctuary. The hottest trend right now are designer bamboo bed sheets.

To find out more tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and sleep better visit Zia Sleep.

So do yourself a favor and get your zzz’s!
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  1. Sounds so refreshing! I could use a great nights sleep. We have a memory foam mattress topper on our bed, felt great at first now we wake up with sore backs … can’t seem to find a bed or topper that we can afford and will allow us to sleep good through the night and wake up refreshed!

  2. Yes, I agree that sleep is important. My bedroom is a very relaxing and my santurary room as well. I love the bamboo bedding. Thanks for the review…..just saying. MERRY CHRISTMAS TOO.

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