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Smartphones To Network Your Way to a Better Job


It’s a fact that many of the prime jobs never get posted publicly and are filled quickly.  Yes, some of these are filled in-house by present employees who have been groomed for the job, but that’s not the case with all of them. Many are filled through informal networking paths.  It’s a fact that networking can play an important part in finding a good position.

Use Your Connections

When you think of networking, you probably picture informal face to face conversations and handshakes.  Traditionally, this is how it’s been done, and it still works today.

When it comes to looking for employment, consider all the people you know and all the relationships you have.

  • fraternities and sororities
  • civic organizations
  • sports-related such as your bowling league
  • college alumni association
  • previous employers
  • coworkers, past and present
  • work-related organizations
  • neighbors
  • family
  • fellow church members
  • your kids’ friends’ parents
  • your hair stylist, doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant

Some possible paths to a new job are obvious, but the improbable happens too. Open up all lines of communication.


Online there’s a whole networking world called social media at your fingertips.  This opens up so many more avenues for you, but if you’re not already involved in social media, it’ll require a little work and time to get set up and growing your networks.

The benefits are many; recruiters can find you, you can establish your brand, beneficial connections can be made, and those hiring can see you’re up to speed with technology.

LinkedIn is considered one of the best career networking tools online.  You create a profile with your professional accomplishments.  You find and get found by others you already know in business and then others who want to connect with you based on your profile.  You can see how your network web grows exponentially as your connection’s connections become your connections, and so on.

Twitter can be used as a business tool or a social tool, but it’s best not to mix them. Basically, you join; gather followers in your field of interest (the more the better if you’re job hunting), build relationships and send “tweets” or messages in 140 characters or less. It’s not a bad idea to let some of the better aspects of your personality show through, but know that anybody, including potential employers, can read your tweets. Be sure to tweet that you’re searching for a job.

Facebook is another social media tool that’s free to use. Again, it’s best not to use your profile for both business and personal. Create your profile as you would a resume, and consider that millions of people can potentially view it. Posting a picture of yourself is up to you. If you do, make it a professional head shot.

The basis of networking is building relationships that benefit both you and others.  It’s not a one way street. The best time to establish these relationships is before you’re looking for a job, but it can be done after the fact too.  Use networking, offline or online, to help you land that job before it gets posted to the public.

Smart phones today play an important part in helping us to keep up-to-date with our contacts.  Make it a New Year’s Resolution to check out a cell phone trade in and upgrade your existing phone to take advantage of all the applications that iPhones and Blackberry’s provide.  With the new applications, you’ll be able to access your e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter and other social media networking sites accounts.

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