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Smelling Salts – The Verizon Cell Phone Bill – Random Tuesday Thoughts


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Verizon Cell Phone Bill

Got the Verizon cell phone bill last week and have recovered after fainting upon opening it. You see, it was over $500 and $350 of it was in roaming charges from the Little Mermaid’s Spring Break Caribbean cruise. Remember the move ET ~ Phone Home? Well, maybe she shouldn’t have. I have a Meme ~ Vicarious Traveler ~ where I chronicled her trip through text messages to me.

I also tweeted awhile ago that the Text Messaging portion of Verizon had gotten out of control because most of her text messages were done out-of-network. It seems that most of her friends use other telecommunication service providers. We’re on the “family plan” and I even get a corporate discount! My measly portion comes to about $15 per month and my only add-on is VZ Navigator, the GPS service. Oh, and of course, the Internet ~ so I can use Twitter all day long. Needless to say, DD22 has increased her banquet waitstaff hours to pay for this bill.

Coollatta or Latte?

Spring and the warm weather has arrived in Connecticut and I’m back to my iced latte habit. I usually keep switching between Dunkin Donut’s Coffee Coolattas and Starbucks’s. Wherever there’s a drive-thru that’s closest and on the right side of the road, I’m so there! But a new luv has come into the picture! McDonald’s now has Iced Mocha Latte’s and I really think that they’re pretty good (this is not a paid promo). I have to go out of my way to get these though. When I go over to babysit, I usually get one and it’s gone by the time I arrive to sit the grandkiddos. So next time, maybe I’ll get two.

I still have my Starbucks’s Mocha Frappuccino habit. They come in 4-packs that I get at the grocery store for anywhere from $4.99-$6.99. My favorite is the Peppermint Mocha’s, which I can only find in the winter.


With all the posts I’m seeing about those unapproved adds about White Teeth or worse showing up on blogs that still have the Entrecard widget ~ why in the world do you still have that widget up on your blog, and why haven’t you dropped out like I did? There’s other ways to get traffic!

There you have it, Hot-Flashing, at it’s finest. As promised.

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  1. I would have passed out too Cindi, holy moly! No I would have died from a heart attack since I have no job, lol! Wow what a bill.

  2. I can’t believe that cell phone bill. Eeek! I like Coolattas myself. I am not a coffee drinker, but I do like coffee ice cream. Glad you are enjoying being random!

  3. Banteringblonde

    Holy Cell Phone BILL!! Yikes! Luckily I’ve never liked coffee drinks hot or cold… that is my manicure money lol. I dropped entrecard the second I saw an unapproved ad. ;)

  4. I just about fainted awhile back when I opened my cell phone bill, 740.00! Before I had unlimited text for my 2 teenage daughters. Now thank God, I haven’t had any issues. And I also LOVE the new coffees at McDonald’s! :)

  5. Enjoyed reading your blog! Clicked some links for ya! Have a magical day!

  6. Um, ouch. That is a HUGE cel phone bill!

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