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Staying properly hydrated is an important aspect of any weight loss plan. With the summer heat soon upon us, hydration plays an even more important part in a healthy active lifestyle.

Springing Into Action: Dieting and Water Are On My To Do List


Aiming For a Healthier Me

This spring, I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to do something about the weight this baby boomer has gained over the last five years.  I’ve tried several different diets; online dieting programs, and a suggested 1000 calorie per day diet that my doctor recommended.

I’ve fell off the wagon each time.  However, I’m sure that the plan that I’m on now is going to work.  I’ll make it work.  My niece is getting married this coming July in Boston, and I’ve found the most beautiful dress to wear in the city.  Not to mention that losing weight will hopefully help me get off of some of the medication that I’m presently taking.

All of my life, until I hit my 50’s, I was petite, thin, and couldn’t gain an ounce.  I weighed just about 100 pounds soaking wet when I got married in 1974.

Years, hormones and my ethnicity have caught up with me – not to mention that you probably could say I lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle working in a cubicle all day, and at my home office all night.  An athlete, I am not.

Overweight and obese people are constantly on the look out for new gadgets, devices or miracle plans that they can use to shed off unwanted pounds.  Some have success stories, some fail.  Some understand the concept of healthy weight-loss, some are looking for a quick fix.  Some opt to do it the natural way, some choose surgery.  One of the well known weight loss surgery availed by obese people is bariatric surgery.

Recently I returned to the beauty salon that I used to go to.  My favorite stylist had moved back to Texas, and I moved on.  But I’m back again.  I hadn’t seen the masseuse that works there in awhile and was taken back by how much weight he had lost.  We talked for awhile, and he provided me with some literature for a medically supervised weight loss center staffed by health-care professionals – physicians, physician assistants, nurses, behavioral counselors and certified medical assistants.

The program follows  strict protocols that are consistent with the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP).

I’ve had my initial consultation, was weighed on a special body fat monitor and scale, and signed up for the 12-week program.  One of the recommendations was that I drink at least 70 fluid ounces of water per day.

Staying properly hydrated is an important aspect of any weight loss plan.  With the summer heat soon upon us, hydration plays an even more important part in a healthy active lifestyle.

Check back for my weekly updates to see how I track my weekly weight loss and see how I’m doing!

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  1. I am so bad about remembering to drink water! And I actually like water it’s just having to remember to do it!
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  2. Best wishes with your weight loss goals. Keep us posted!
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  3. Best of luck with your weight loss! Have a great weekend! Stopping by from SITS Day!

  4. Hello lovely!!!! You know what you’ve got to do know, so just stick with it. WATER WATER WATER!!!!!

    I found you through SITS:)

    I have a FREE giveaway on my blog that you would LOVE! Seriously…it is RED HOT! Oh, and it’s Le Creuset…enough said! Come by and check it out!
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  5. Good luck with your weight loss goals, I’m sure that dress will look magnificent on the new you! I’m also drinking water, and I’m on 1500 calories per day. I’m becoming an athlete through the ChaLEAN Extreme program from Team Beachbody. I even signed up for the gym at work, so I have NO excuse to not work out! I am excited to read your story as it unfolds!
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  6. Hi Cindi, I love that you’re doing this in a healthy way. I’ve just been told I need to quit drinking Diet Coke, my mainlining has gotten dangerous to my health. Oy!

    When I got to your homepage, I watched the photo slideshow with my mouth hanging open. I kept thinking, I’ve been there, I’ve seen that, I know where that is. (I never did read the print at the top of the page saying you’re from NE.) While I may not have actually been to any of these places, they look a lot like the neighborhood where I live. Nice to meet a fellow NE blogger.

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  7. I find drinking water makes me want to eat … then again everything makes me want to eat…ugh.
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  8. Sounds very promising, I can’t read your update and how you have been so far! Good luck!

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