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I'm the Dr. Kevorkian of plants. These won't last long, and probably won't make the whole summer.

Forget About Asking Me For Summer Gardening Tips


Hanging Basket Flowers

I’m the Dr. Kevorkian of plants, summer flowers and hanging flower baskets.  These won’t last long, and probably won’t make the whole summer.  Really.

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  1. Those are gorgeous. Girl, I once killed a Philadendron! Supposedly the hardest houseplant to kill, and I wrote RIP all over it! Good luck with it.
    Dropping by from MomDot for WW.

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  2. Mine is a flower post today too. I love Spring and Summer!
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  3. Not me my plants always die:( Beautiful flower
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  4. well they’re certainly beautiful for now :)
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  5. This was actually my first year planting anything and I hope my flowers live. Your hanging pot is beautiful!
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  6. How pretty!! I need to get some of those for my home! I desperately need to decorate outside!!
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  7. so pretty
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  8. I love my flowers. They are so pretty

  9. Pretty! I’m totally hit or miss,…sometimes things live, sometimes they don’t :P
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  10. Ha! I love it!! That’s what tends to happen when I’m in charge of hanging baskets too.

  11. Pretty basket! I have a fairly good green thumb when it comes to outside plants, except hanging baskets, they need too much care and I can never remember to water them. My secret is to find plants that thrive on neglect. That’s why everyone thinks I have such a knack ;) Happy WW!
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