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Summer Solstice ~ Evening Breezes & Boomer Thoughts ~


They say that all good things must end some day
Autumn leaves must fall
But don’t you know that it hurts me so
To say goodbye to you
Wish you didn’t have to go
No no no no
And when the rain
Beats against my window pane
I’ll think of summer days again
And dream of you
And dream of you

Chad and Jeremy

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, signifying the beginning of summer.

I so love hot humid weather. In another life, I’m going to live down south, where I can smell the Jasmine. I turned off the air conditioner, and opened the window as I sat at my computer late at night working on various projects.
The cool evening breeze and a floodgate of memories blew in on me. Sounds travel in the still night air. Everything sensory becomes more intense. I also believe I have a 6th sense.
Some children were still out playing, enjoying the evening air. Probably in their back yards, under the watchful eyes of their parents.
I heard my childrens‘ voices. Playing in the back yard, enjoying their youth.
My children are grown now, and weren’t even home. My oldest is married and a mom herself. But I heard the voices of my little ones and their squealing laughter, still.

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  1. I love summer and I love living in the south but I cannot truthfully say I love hot humid weather…

    Happy Summer!!!!

  2. It was so sunny and hot here yesterday that I think I got a touch of heat stroke. I love the summer, but I hate when that happens.

  3. I am not a summer person I actually HATE it. The only thing I like is the blooming flowers. Give me a cold winter morning and I am one happy camper. Oh I added you to my sites I like to stalk list ok?

  4. Dagmar Bleasdale

    Hi Cindi, thanks for visiting my blog! I am glad spring is finally here, not looking forward to a muggy summer and the AC. But I’ll take the sunshine :)

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