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Super Bowl Sunday Shout-Outs


Today is Super Bowl Sunday ~ which to me, always signals that that end of winter hopefully is just around the corner. Actually tomorrow is Groundhog Day, and I’m hoping that DD26 will take ‘Lil Moomette to see our very own Connecticut “Chuckles” at the Children’s Museum. Connecticut also has a Groundhog Parade, with Essex Ed that I wrote about on Roxy’s Best of Hartford.

I’d like to extend some “Shout Outs” in this post to all my fabulous readers! Please don’t think I forgot about all of you, cuz I didn’t. Sometimes I may be a little late acknowledging all the fine deeds that people have done to help me out, but I do keep a list and wish there were more hours in the day to get all the things done that I’d like to do!

To Erin, at From Son Up to Son Down, for the super “Your Blog is Fabulous” award that she recently gave me!

If you haven’t heard about the terrific Girls’ Night Outs sponsored by Mom It Forward, you’ll have to check out their site. Every Tuesday night there’s something going on. If you’re on Twitter, you’ll see the hashtags “#gno. Recently I was participating in the site warming party for Me Time, and won a fabulous shirt!

Our daughter’s in-laws are down for the weekend from Vermont to celebrate Super Bowl and I wore it last night and got quite a few compliments. I tend to prefer 3/4 length sleeves at my age now, and you wouldn’t believe how I had to traipse all over Block Island last year to find a similar shirt! Check out Me Time’s great selection of women’s clothing, and visit their blog!

Another “Shout Out” to Dawn, at Painter Mommy for helping set up my Blogroll tab on Moomettesgram’s Musings! Dawn is known as @paintermommy on Twitter. Dawn blogs, has a VA biz, and volunteered to set up my blogroll tab so it wouldn’t look like mish-mash!

Shout-out to Debbie at Bird On a Wire ~ Miscellaneous Rambling of the Dot Mom Mogul. Debbie helped me get going and launch my latest project, Moomette’s Magnificents Reviews. I am so grateful! Debbie can also be found on Twitter as @birdonawire55

Off now to finish putting together some appetizers for the Super Bowl party tonight! Don’t forget to check out all my recipes that I share!

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  1. Journey on! by Kelleye

    I had no idea it was already ground hog day tomorrow- wow.. Love the shirt- love 3/4 sleeves.

  2. Hi Cindi… thanks for the Shout Out to Roxy’s Best Of… did you get a chance to see any groundhogs? What’s the verdict? Down here in the Roxiticus Valley, it’s been feeling like spring is right around the corner, but I’m not fooled. I know the minute the girls leave the soccer balls out, we’ll have a pile of snow in the backyard. Next week’s the big wedding in Connecticut. Feels like everything is going smoothly, my little flower girls tried on their dresses yesterday and we made sure their shoes fit.
    Hope all is well with you…


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