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5 Productivity and Organization Mobile Apps for the Mobile Mom

Apps for Organization

If you have an iPhone, do you ever wonder how you lived without it? Ever since I got an iPhone 4 this past summer, I've been adding some terrific productivity apps for moms to help me keep the family on schedule. There's even free apps for organization of recipes and mobile apps for shopping!

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One Ringy Dingy – Best Cell Phone for Seniors

Lily Tomlin in character as Ernestine the telephone operator

Sometimes “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” so goes the old saying. I'm going to have a little fun and share with you the newest and latest tech gadget cell phone for Baby Boomers and Senior Citizens.

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Using Your Smartphone to Get Things Done and Remember Everything

iPhone Smartphone

Luckily we live in the age of technological innovation and cloud computing. Yet still, many people who even have their hands on the right technology aren't fully aware what their capabilities are. Let me tell you that if you own a smartphone – which includes an iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone 7 – you have no excuse to ever forget anything. With the plethora of productivity apps out there across all phone platforms, there is something for everyone.

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Tips to Amplify Your Social Media Presence on the Web

Amplify the Web

Recently I created an account on Amplify where I can spark conversations about things I find on the web by using the Amplify bookmarklet. As a blogger, I am active on many social networking sites on the Internet, including Twitter, Facebook and ning sites. While social networking sites build upon relationships between members, social bookmarking sites create connections through the types of content generated by members.

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