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Connecticut Trolley Museum | Old Town Trolley New England Attractions | Holiday Event Review

Connecticut Trolley Museum Open Sleigh Ride

If you’re looking for some educational family fun, take the kids, along with Grandmom and Grandpa to visit the Connecticut Trolley Museum, located in East Windsor, Connecticut. Open all year long, the museum is located on 17 acres, where visitors can enjoy a round-trip 3 mile long ride while listening to an educational narrative. The museum, staffed by volunteers, owns over 70 pieces or rail equipment owned by the museum, some of them dating as far back as 1869.

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Vicarious Traveler Meme – Orvieto, Italy

scooter My heart goes out to all the people in Italy after the recent devastation caused by the massive earthquake. Although I’ve never been to Italy, several in my family have visited multiple times. I have a niece who had traveled around the world, literally, by the time she was …

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Spring Break Dispatches from the Texting Tropical Little Mermaid

Welcome to the new Vicarious Traveler Meme! Share your favorite travel destinations with all of us to see! Whether you’re a seasoned world traveler, or simply an arm-chair traveler, give us your recommendations! Pull out that photo album and post your own favorites! (Family-Friendly). Each Thursday, create a blog post …

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Grotto Bay Bermuda – Travel Photography Journal

Grotto Bay Resort Bermuda Stairs

Grotto Bay Bermuda Travel Photography

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Antique Shopping | St. Georges Bermuda Antique Shop | Bermuda Travel Photography

St. Georges Bermuda Antique Shop Travel Photography

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