Thursday , September 19 2019
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How and Why to Not Let Retirement Stress You Out

mid-life couple on boat

Common wisdom suggests that most people think that stress-causing situations stem from workplace problems. They also think that besides work, thinking about family issues, health issues and finances are the cause of stress. While these situations can individually be stressors, another one that might not be on the radar screen is retirement.

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Summer Camp | Empty Nest and A Trip Down Memory Lane

Summer Camp

Today while I traversed that road once again, only this time on my way to go shopping at the now crowded, suburban sprawl mall that has overtaken the once tranquil, lazy back roads, I was on autopilot. The car drove itself, while my mind wasn't seeing what my eyes were seeing as I drove.

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Stuff and DUMPSTER ENVY | What I Really Want for my Birthday

Every time I see a Dumpster or Bagster in front of someone's house or driveway ~ I SO WANT ONE

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