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Get Cash Back With Ebates | Online Shopping | Frugal Tips


Everyone loves to save a little money ! Be frugal ! If you shop online, you can get cash back on your purchases by using the Ebates shopping portal.

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Declutter Your Home This Spring | Host A Family Swap Meet

Yard Sale

A swap meet is relatively easy to do and can be as minimalistic or elaborate as you decide. Begin by sending out a newsletter. Every household can list what they have to swap and include pictures. Barter for trade - this works well if the family is close-by and shipping costs aren't necessary or incurred.

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Grow Your Own: Gardening For Food and Fun

Herb Container Garden

Land today is becoming increasingly scare and gardens that once were used to grow beautiful flowers and vegetables are now being tilled to grow food. Families are spending what little time and energy they have to become frugal, save money and spend quality time together.

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Tips on How to Make Your Home Energy and Cost Efficient

Do you dread looking at your electric or gas bill every month seeing numbers that are larger and larger each time you see it? Do you wish there was something you could do about this dreaded monthly bill? Well, there is and it is easy to remedy.

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Recycle and Think Green: Everyday Items Can be Reusable

As the world aspires to become more "green", my own household has jumped on the bandwagon. We recycle newspapers, shredded paper, plastic bottles and jugs, etc. Everything we can recycle we do recycle. Many of the items that are used in our homes every day can be recycled.

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