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Why You Should Use Social Bookmarking as a Business Tool For Your Blog

Social Bookmark

Along with social networking sites, there are now a number of social bookmarking sites on the Internet. While social networking sites build upon relationships between members, social bookmarking sites create connections through the types of content generated by members. It is these connections that make social bookmarking such an effective business tool for Internet entrepreneurs.

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Friday Follow: Discovering New Friends One Blog at a Time – June 4th

Join Friday Follow! You're invited join us every Friday to get more blog followers and to find many interesting blogs that you like. This is all about sharing and having fun.

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Tips For Buying Childrens School Shoes | Back to School Shopping

Childrens School Shoes

Start-Rite just launched a new social community. It has some really neat articles about what to look for in first shoes, walking, along with videos on how to measure a your child's foot for a proper fit.

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Secret To Getting Kids To Respect Your WAHM Office Time

Disciplining yourself when working from home is difficult enough without the added responsibility of caring for young children. Add into the equation distraction from neighbors, routine household chores and extra-sensory stimulation (read, just your day-to-day usual household excessivedecibel level noise) and you get the picture. The most challenging of the above is how to deal with getting your progeny to respect your office time.

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Steps to Prepare Your Older Child for the Birth of a Sibling

Many of you are aware that the birth of Slugger, my No-Name-Yet-Until-It’s-Time-To-Fill-Out-The-Birth-Certificate grandson is drawing closer. I’ll be blogging about a birth announcement soon! My 21 mo. old granddaughter, ‘Lil Moomette, is certainly going to be in for a rude awakening. Up until now, she’s been everyone’s darling, and enjoys …

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