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Baby Boomer Parenting An Empty Nest, But Going Along for the Ride Now

I begin a new chapter this year, as I'm now the mother-in-law and grandmom who has been invited to go along to Cape Cod on vacation with "the kids" and grandkids - just as we used to take my mother-in-law along on our family vacations.

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Summer Camp | Empty Nest and A Trip Down Memory Lane

Summer Camp

Today while I traversed that road once again, only this time on my way to go shopping at the now crowded, suburban sprawl mall that has overtaken the once tranquil, lazy back roads, I was on autopilot. The car drove itself, while my mind wasn't seeing what my eyes were seeing as I drove.

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Avoid Childrens’ Identify Theft at Camp or Vacationing this Summer – Visit LifeLock

I belong to several social networking forums for WAHMs, and the topic being discussed was the hazard involved in personalized items for kids. Now, all young children love to see their name in print – and since many will be traveling, vacationing with the family or going off to summer …

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