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The Economy | Great Recession | Park Closings | Bank Tellers | Random Tuesday Thoughts


Today’s Random Tuesday Thoughts finds me ranting about the economy, for several reasons.

After much mucking around and crunching numbers, I will not be taking the Early Retirement Incentive offer from my day job. You see, my youngest daughter just graduated from college this past weekend, and then there’s those picky little details, like…a mortgage and Parent-Plus loans I’m stuck with. I’m a Baby Boomer, but not even 60 yet, so if I retired, it would be considered “early retirement” and I’d be penalized for each month I’m not 62 yet. No Social Security here. What’s going to be really tough is that my once large circle of friends have all retired, and my inner circle has grown much smaller. My BFF at work will be leaving. I can’t imagine another (at least) 5 years without seeing her every day.

I just had a professional resume done as insurance, in the event I do decide to book early because I get transferred, or PO’d, or both. I look really good on paper now. I had a professional resume writer/former head-hunter piece my 30+ years of work ethic and experience together so that it all flows smoothly. Yes, I could have done it myself, and yes, I do write resumes for other people. But it’s like decluttering your own house after 30 years -–it’’ much easier to have an impartial person throw away all the junk that you think’s important.

Back to the economy…

I was at the ATM drive-up teller at the bank the other day making a (surprise!) – deposit. You know that little TV camera that turns on when the teller (much like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain) comes on and says “Hi, can I help you?” Well, it took me back, because instead of the usual, sweet high-school or college gals or grads, there was this older gray-hair gent staring back at me. He was about my age. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a male bank teller, especially one about my age. So while he was taking care of business, I was ruminating about my state of a) still having to work and b) thinking, gee, maybe this guy got laid off or downsized, and he’s probably some Accountant or Lawyer now working as a bank teller. At least he isn’t out there flipping burgers.

Next up on the economy rant …

With our economy in it’s downward death spiral Great Recession here in New England, our legislative pooh-bahs have come up with one doozy of a legislative proposal. Let’s close some inland state parks; cease maintaining them and not hire any park rangers or lifeguards this summer for the beaches! Brilliant! How much does that save the state? So much for any chance of our local residents having any fun such as day trip or enjoying camping fun! The state parks allow state residents, sometimes for a nominal fee, to enjoy picnics, etc. Now what are the residents supposed to do? Cough up all that money to go to what… Six Flags? I say, let’s invite the Legislators to a cookout (BYOB and food of course) and bring on the garden hose and water sprinkler for them to enjoy. Oh ya, right… they’ll be on “holiday” in Europe or somewhere. Catch ya in the fall.

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  1. it's funny how people who live in 1st world countries, complain about the economic crises, not that I blame you of course, because I know it does suck.. It's funny to me, well, because our country has always been poor. And well, there's really not a lot of difference for us, cause we're so used to having an economic crisis. LOL :D

    Happy Tuesday! :)

  2. you have a great blog!

    i like the banks with the video cameras and monitors at the drive up. feels a little more personal.

  3. Better than being a WalMart greeter! :)

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