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The Forgotten Forum Introduction – Why It’s Important to Let Everyone Know Who You Are!


In my WAHM tips, I frequently speak of how I belong to many social networking sites and forums. I’m a Moderator I was a on eBay Coach Free Forum, and always send out an introductory ‘Welcome to the Group’ e-mail. In it, I ask that the first stop be the “Introduction” thread…to give a little bit of background about one’s self, and how they found the forum.

Oftentimes Newbies head straight for making a post. But really, take a moment to introduce yourself to the group…it really is important for everyone to get to know you, and say hello. Read on to see why!

The Forgotten Forum Introduction
By: S McIntyre

Hello, my name is Sophia and I’m from Beautiful BC, Canada and home to the 2010 Winter Olympics. I started working in late 2002 in various online endeavors. I own a work at home website, a health blog and moderate three work at home forums. I’m looking forward to contributing and getting to know you all better.

How hard was that? Not hard at all and it only took me about…oh…30 seconds if that, to let everyone know who I am and what I do. Forum introductions are an integral step and is just as important as reading the forum rules. Don’t short change yourself by posting an “empty” introduction. Remember, first impressions always counts.

As a forum owner, I’m well aware of how many people “forget” this all important step. While many forums have a free section for members to promote their businesses, how beneficial is it to make your first post a “post and run”? I can honestly say if a forum requires an introduction your ad just met the delete button and even if they don’t, it’s simply forum etiquette. Forums are invaluable tools and it should be utilized to its fullest potential.

How many people who are looking to join a home business or looking for a specific product would seek out a member who only posts in the advertising forum? It’s not many to my knowledge. Would you enter a room full of prospects only to pass out your business card and leave? I don’t think so.

If you made your introduction and then secluded yourself to only one section of the forum it doesn’t mean your job is done. In fact, that is just as bad as not introducing yourself, in my opinion. The next step is to read the forum and join in various discussions, share your knowledge or expertise. Post quality replies to topics of your interests. Now you’re actively networking and it is proven to be more effective in creating sales for yourself. People are more likely to buy from people they know and trust.

Taking full advantage of forums and what they offer goes beyond articles that tell you how you can increase sales and how to drive more traffic to your site. As an active forum member you are getting yourself out there, building trust and networking with potential people who may become your new and returning customers. They are also your word-of-mouth. You have now created your own viral marketing and it’s far more effective than being a “post and run” poster.

S McIntyre has been working online since 2002 in various online endeavors. She owns Work At Home Space, a free work at home resource offering telecommuting jobs, job leads, articles, tips, information and other work at home related issues.

You can also visit her at her blog Healthy Perspectives, featuring an array of health topics, nutrition, fitness and recipes for maintaining a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

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