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The Fourth Estate – Candles, Scents, The Beach and Random Tuesday Thoughts


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Driving around doing my errands the last week has made me realize just how much the newspaper industry has changed. I’ve lived in this town almost my entire life and used to know what was going on in the community.

There’s hardly any local news coverage of your local-yocal towns. All the ink is devoted to international and national news.

The Hubster refuses do give up the daily print newspaper. To me, the only thing it’s good for is wrapping the garbage in, or cleaning up kitty puke. Because of my cubicle job, I read at least 20 newspapers online ~ start with the New York Times, Boston Herald, Providence Journal, Burlington Press, and work my way across the country to the Chicago Times, Denver Post and finally get to the Los Angeles Times. So much for the Fourth Estate. (Jeffrey Archer is one of my favorite authors.)

What I really want to know is what’s going on in Connecticut. Signs are sprouting like spring dandelions on front lawns saying Vote Yes! Vote No! Vote No, Vote Yes! Crap, vote about what?

We used to have a town weekly that came out, and the gal who wrote about town affairs had been writing for years. She was like the Page 6 Editor of the New York Post. Want to know what was going on? She’d know. She knew everything.

So I had to do some investigative work of my own, and try to research the online archives of the state’s oldest surviving newspaper. I had to go waaay back to find a little something that shed some light on what those signs mean. And who pays any attention to those political signs anyway? Waste of time, IMHO.

Forget about going to the official town websites either if you want to find out what’s going on. Many in our state have been taken down because of some crazy ruling about town council minutes, and the town fathers are worried about (gasp!, horrors ~ “liability.”

Anyway, some laid-off, displaced newspaper people are trying to resurrect what’s left of the small, daily local-coverage papers. So much for that. I wish them luck.

On another note….

I just placed an order for some of New England‘s renowned Yankee Candles through a friend at the office. Her husband is running a fundraiser for Relay For Life. Yankee Candle (not a paid promo here) has a great fundraising book, and I am so looking forward to scents that remind me of (when I used to go) on vacations…. I ordered Beach Walk, Sun & Sand, Dune Grass and Island Spa. Along with jar candles I ordered the Car Jar air fresheners.

You see, I believe in the effects of smell, scents and sensory emotions. I might not be able to get away to my favorite places this year because of the economy, but I can travel back in time through those scents and smells to some of my favorite beaches and care-free times when I was younger, and when my kids were babies.

I can’t wait until my candle order comes in.

In the meantime, if you’re a foodie looking for some new recipes and kitchen tips, check out my new recipe blog ~ Moomettesgram’s Favorite Recipes. You wont’ find any rantings in there, just lots of things to tempt the tummy, and of course, arouse those sensory perceptions!

And there you have it, Hot-Flashing at it’s Finest.

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  1. I miss the good old fashioned newspaper! I’m a true addict. I read every REAL paper I come across even those for communities I know nothing about! I agree it is very hard to find out what’s happening just around the corner.

  2. Blogging Mama Andrea

    I used to love getting into work early to read the WSJ. Just me a cup of coffee, the paper and a quiet office.

  3. I feel the same way about the local newspaper why waste the money it is online and we can save the money

  4. I, too, love the old newspaper–at least once a week. Lazy Sunday mornings with my thick newspaper and home made brunch.

    I also have the Kindle from Amazon, but it’s nothing like holding and reading a best selling paperback by the pool on vacation.

  5. Banteringblonde

    I don’t get a daily paper anymore either … all online. I love candles!

  6. Thanks for stopping by!!
    I love Yankee Candles! :)

  7. I read all of the news at work. Plus they get our local paper, so I cancelled my home subscription.

  8. I love Yankee candles!! I don’t read our town newspaper either. I sure as heck don’t pay attention to the politics either. (The signs get on my nerves!)

  9. It’s a shame. I have a friend who is in journalism and things aren’t boding well for her. We’re the same way though, we don’t get the paper we just read the news online or watch the local news on t.v. My mother-in-law uses a lot of newspaper for the same reason…kitty litter.

    I love the way a scent can bring a memory to life. Enjoy your candles.

  10. You already know my feelings about paging through a real newspaper…I love it!

    I have way too many candles, but I keep buying them anyway.

    My nephew is going to be in the Relay for Life, so we gave him a donation. I’m so glad that he wants to do it, even though he’s 17!

  11. We thought the local paper was getting a bit pricey for the time we had to read it, so we stopped subscribing. But I do read it at my in-laws on the weekends. I miss seeing the comics in print, and finding out what’s going on at the local schools and shops.

    As for candles, they are a life saver some times. When you need to get away for a minute it’s great to just smell that scent in the air and have a memory. Great Post!

    ps- I remember ironing sheets, and handkercheifs as a kid,too. But underwear? in the 21st century?

  12. Everyone is always so caught up in the message that voting is important…they just forgot to tell you for WHAT.

    Hope your candles smell yummy!

  13. I'm an old-fashioned paper junkie. We actually get 2 delivered each day (local & NYT). Silly I know in this day and age -'d rather relax with a cocktail & newspaper than watch TV. Dang – I sound like my Dad !!

    Off to check out your giveaways. I have 1 on my blog ending tomorrow for an framed piece of original art

  14. I want my own Yankee Candle Cow! That’s AWESOME! Great pic to put up!

    Thanks for the bloggy comment!

    Have a great week!

  15. I love our local paper. The letters to the editor are always good for a laugh. People get so bent out of shape about the dumbest things. I hope the newspaper industry is able to work out its issues. I work in PR and when I started, newspapers were the best media outlets available (am I showing my age?). I will miss them if they disappear.

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