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The Mother-In-Law Manual | Proven Strategies For Creating Healthy Relationships With Married Children | Book Review and Giveaway


The Mother-In-Law’s Manual

This past weekend was quite special for my husband and I.  Our daughters hosted a Surprise Wedding Anniversary party for us on Sunday.  It’s just mind-boggling how quickly the time went by!

One of the cards we received was from my late-mother-in-law (really, no joke.)  To appreciate this, you have to understand that my husband and I have been tending flower beds at her grave site for many years.  My sister-in-law’s a graphic artistand marches to the tune of a different drummer.  She felt that Mom would want send her Best Wishes.

But first, a little bit of background.  My husband’s mother and I got along tremendously, even before she became my mother-in-law.  She was a “mompreneur” and female business owner long before the term became fashionable.   I worked side-by-side next to her in the cheese and gourmet shop that she owned before and after my husband and I married.  After we had kids, my mother-in-law babysat and provided daycare when I returned to work full time.

Fast forward, and I am now a mother-in-law.  I like to brag that I hand-picked my charming son-in-law.  From the day I met him my Sixth Sense told me that he was “the one” and would make the perfect husband for my daughter.

Life is more complicated now, and when I was given the opportunity to review The Mother-In-Law’s Manual by Susan Abel Lieberman, Ph.D.

“Proven Strategies For Creating And Maintaining Healthy Relationships With Married Children.”

OK, I’ve been the daughter-in-law, and came through that relatively unscathed, most likely because I was the favorite.  Actually, I’m the only remaining daughter-in-law after 35 years, because everyone else got divorced.

Not everything is always rosy here in Dysfunction Junction, Connecticut.  We have the dubious honor of having coined the term “Bridezilla“.  Now that I’m the mother-in-law, I need to find out what I’m

  • a) either doing right or
  • b) what I’m doing wrong, and what can I do to make it right

The Mother-in-Law’s Manual speaks to why so many well-intended mothers sometimes miss the mark, how expectations, conscious and unconscious, can lead them astray and how their assumptions can result in painful mistakes.

Chapters include:

  • *No rules – but seven mother-in-law maxims to guide good relationships
  • *Ways to approach children when mothers-in-law think they may be making a marital mistake
  • *How to think about grand parenting
  • *What mothers-in-law might consider about their won aging
  • *An overview of type and temperament to help explain the differences among family members that can seem purposefully irritating when they are hard-wired personality differences

Included in the book are comments and secrets from mother-in-laws of every color, race, class and disposition.  I especially liked one chapter that discussed how as mother-in-laws, we have to give up some assumptions about how incredibly wise and useful we are in our childrens’ lives.

If there’s an upcoming Wedding or Bridal Shower in your family’s future, give this wonderful book as a gift!  Share it with your daughter, sister, niece or best friend!

The Mother-in-Law’s Manual is available  at online retailers.

For More Information visit The Mother-in-Law’s Manual

Title: The Mother-in-Law Manual:  Proven Strategies for Creating Healthy Relationships with Married Children
Author: Susan Lieberman
Genre: Nonfiction/Family Matters
ISBN: 978-1933979410
Publication Date: May 2009
Publisher: Bright Sky Press
© Moomettes Magnificents
Benefited Reviewer. Opinions are my own.

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  1. One fact left out of this review was the price of the book! I would like this book because as a mother-in-law, I am always looking for ways to be a better one and be the “good”mom who follows my daughter-in-laws rules…for the children. I do my best not to butt into their business unless asked for advice…but I often feel neglected. Any help in this area is appreciated!

  2. She is also author of KidFun Activity Book and Venus in Bluejeans.

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  5. It tells what we (MIL’s) want and how to go about getting it. As a brand new (3 days ago) MIL< I need all the help I can get! One kid down, one to go…tho this was my son and the other is my daughter.

  6. I would soooo send this to my mother-in-law anonymously. I exited her out of our lives a few years back for justified reasons and I would love to rub it in : )

  7. I’m hoping that somewhere in there it says “BUTT OUT.”

    The number one tip for mothers-in-law.

    The Mother’s last blog post..Apples to Eyeballs

  8. I did not see how much the book cost. I would love to win this book and see how mothers-in-law treat you.

    iljaze (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. RT @tweetmeme The Mother-In-Law Manual: Proven Strategies For Creating Healthy Relationships With Married Chidren – B…

    iljaze (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. You need mutual respect. President Obama says “I don’t tell my mother in law in what to do.” In turn she apparently does not tell them what to do. I am a mother in law and would like to do my best to be a better one.

  11. I am a subscriber to your newsletter

  12. love to give to my daughter

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  16. I don’t see the price (but maybe I just didn’t look hard enough?)…unless that’s a trick question and that is what was left out :)

    I’d love to win this because my mil is kind of tough on me.

    brneyedblondegrl at aol dot com

  17. I could not find the price of this book. I would love to win this book to give it to my friend who is having serious MIL issues. She could definitely use the knowledge that this book shares! Thanks for the chance!

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  19. Hi Krystin & Thanks for visiting Moomette’s Magnificents!
    Congratulations, you’re the winner of the Mother In Law’s Manual! Please send your name/address to the book can be sent to you!

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