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The Toddler Tote ~ A Review


I’m delighted to let my readers know about a new toy just in time for the start of Holiday Shopping and Gift-Giving Season!

This year has proved a challenge to me when trying to figure out gifts to get ‘Lil Moomette. My granddaughter just turned 2 in October, and is at that wonderful exploratory age where she investigates everything! I must say that even when my own daughters were two years old, that was probably one of my favorite stages. Everything you try to expose them two, they soak up like a sponge!

When I shopped for gifts, I always tried to choose a toy that was interactive, and challenged their little minds.

The Toddler Tote by Lauri is just the toy I would choose for ‘Lil Moomette.

Complete in it’s own 9-inch square carrying case that’s ideal for travel and storage, the Toddler Tote is ideal for quiet-time (and what parent or Baby Boomer grandparent can’t use a little of that every now and then?)  Children are challenged by colors, shapes, puzzles and pegging.

Shapes are made from Lauri Crepe Rubber, and include large and small geometric shape puzzles.

Pieces include:

3 Animal Puzzles; Pine-Size Vehicles and 7 Tall Stacker Pegs; 1 Geometric Shapes 8-inch Square Puzzle and; 4 Basic Shape Mini-Puzzles

The Toddler Tote is compact enough to bring when dining out! Additionally, this education-packed toy is also a great idea for daycare providers and home schooling.

Best of all, Lauri replaces lost pieces!

Made in U.S.A.
Recommended Ages 2-5

Visit  NMC Toysfor more information.

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