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According to my Twitter Profile I've posted over 10K tweets. Not only is tweeting fun, Twitter can be used to gain more blog traffic, much like other social networking and Ning site media.

Tips For Using Twitter for Blog Traffic


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Recently I posted on Twitter that I was Here before Oprah.  According to my Twitter Profile I’ve posted over 10K tweets.  Not only is tweeting fun, Twitter can be used to gain more blog traffic, much like other social networking and Ning site media.

Millions of people are already on Twitter, as Oprah, Ashton and Suzanne Somers are just finding out.  It isn’t just for the 20-Something set or mommy bloggers!  Plenty of Baby Boomers, PR reps and companies such as Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and Whole Foods Market are already on it!  Think of it as an untapped micro-universe of potential readers for your blog posts.  If there’s so many potential visitors, the question becomes, how are you going to stand out in the crowd and get them to notice you?

First and foremost, you have to become involved. Start by reading other people’s tweets and join the popular tweeters as a follower.  Many Twitter applications are available that will help you track the tweets of others.  Do keyword search for tweets and subjects that might interest you and are important to your brand and niche.  Get a feel for how it works and respond to current tweets.

What’s great about Twitter is that it works in real time from your PC or cell phone.  Use it as a huge search engine.  It’s almost a given that someone will have an answer to your questions.  If you’re looking  new recipes or for blog followers to your new recipe blog, post a tweet and you’ll be amazed at what responses you’ll receive!

Participate in Twitter communites such as Mom It Forward and  Momfluence.  Charity Events and  Sitewarming parties are a great way to get involved and get to know many new bloggers and companies.

Asking questions is one way to develop suitable traffic to your blog.  You’re looking for quality, unique visitors with staying power who are likely to come back and perhaps click and buy from your affiliate links.  Consider Twitter as a research tool that yields results immediately.

Important things to keep in mind when you Tweet:

Use keywords. Although you might consider 140 characters as limiting, soon you’ll start thinking in terms of 140 characters that anyone can enter into a Twitter search engine to find your tweets.

Thou Shalt Not Spam! You are there to connect, not to always include links.  Use Twitter to expand your knowledge base and find others with similar interests, get feedback, and different points of view.  Link to your blog with discretion.

Be wary of building an immediate Twitter following. Some people follow everyone back.  I don’t.  I vet each and every follower.  I check out their websites, and I see if they engage in social conversation.

Are you on Twitter yet?  Follow @Moomettesgram and say hello!

Leave me a comment here and let me know how and why you use Twitter!

Social networking is an art form. It’s important that you learn how to use it.


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  1. “Thou shalt not spam” should be on the main page of the Twitter sign up page :) Great post!

  2. I started using Twitter to promote my blog, but I’m really there to chat, learn and socialize with others. I really can’t stand constant spam tweet! Great post!

  3. Your tips are right on spot.

    When I first heard about Twitter it was by seeing tweets on blogs. It didn’t make any sense to me. Once I joined I realized that I was only seeing one person’s tweets. Now, realizing the ease of connecting with others, not only for blogging, but for friendship, advice and laughs, Twitter is part of my daily routine.

    ConnieFoggles’s last blog post..Lots Of Giveaways 5/17/09

  4. Great tips, as always, Cindi. I was there before Oprah, too, but I spend large amounts of my time on Twitter fighting the anti-vax woo and not promoting my blog. Maybe it’s time for a strategy change.

    The Mother’s last blog post..The Divine Mother and Child–NefHxMotherhood

  5. It is not always possible to keep a high page ranking with Google and micro blogging sites like Twitter are currently used by web publishers to gain the traffic.You can also preview similar platforms like tumblr,Plurk,Mixx, jaiku etc.

  6. LOL! I feel like I’m in Kindergarten again! I’ve been blogging since this past September, but still don’t know much about that, the main purpose for my blog is to get God’s Word out, but I’m also interested in a little advertising, but don’t know where to start. What I do know, Redhead Riter, Lynette of Crazed Mind and Nessa of Ramblings of a Tx Housewife has taught me. The last 2 got me started, but Redhead Riter has “picked up the ball”. I’m one of those people that it takes a while to catch on. I’m a housewife, who cleans houses for extra money, and that’s getting a little to rough on my health, so I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep up with it. Back to Twitter. I had heard of it, but never tried it until Redhead Riter got me started. I hate to keep bugging her with questions, so I just follow along with the flow of traffic. I’m still looking for the section on Retweets. I’m sure it’s there, I’m just slow especially today. I’ve got a sinus infection from out of this world. I barely made it through church. Anyway, I definitely like your site.

    Love & Prayers,


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