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I'd like to share some great tips on how to make traveling more enjoyable for everyone in the family this Holiday Season! Have a Safe Trip and don't forget to wear your Seat Belt!

Tips to Ease Holiday Travel with Toddlers in Tow


My granddaughter ‘lil Moomette does her fair share of traveling out-of-state to visit her Grandma & Gramdpa on her Dad’s side. It’s about a 3-1/2 hour trip, and my granddog, the Black Lab also is in tow. She was away for Thanksgiving, but will be at home for Christmas. I can recall coming back from a vacation in Maine with Moomette’s mom, then 2 years old at the time, screaming until we were about a half-hour away from home, when she finally fell asleep! I think I spent the entire time facing backwards. Luckily we had my mother-in-law in the backseat!

I’d like to share some great tips on how to make traveling more enjoyable for everyone in the family this Holiday Season! Have a Safe Trip & don’t forget to wear your Seat Belt!

Travel Tips

Traveling can be taxing and difficult on its own, nonetheless, traveling with a toddler. In order to ensure a good, fun, and happy trip, here are a few helpful tips!

1. Bring A Special Bag
My daughter is currently obsessed with Dora and Diego. So in preparation for a recent trip, we purchased a Diego backpack for all of her toys. Not only was my daughter thrilled with the backpack, but she was also able to wear it while traveling, thus freeing my hands for something else!

2. Pack Lots of Toys and Drawing Supplies
Being prepared is the key for pleasant travels. You can never have enough books, coloring books, crayons, stickers or toys for a toddler. To make sure that it’s really special and new, start buying supplies in advance. That way there is extra excitement and eagerness to read a new book or use new crayons. A great place to find inexpensive and small items is the Dollar Store.

3. Bring the Favorites
A great tip I learned from a seasoned mom is to start putting away favorite toys before a trip and then re-introduce while traveling. Not only are the kids excited to see the toy, but you already know they will happily play with it!

4. Don’t Forget The Snacks
Food and drinks are always a necessity while traveling. Juice boxes and goldfish are an essential; however, bringing new items may also work. Try making trail mix and have two bags…one for the trip there and one for the way home. And be prepared, if you are flying, security may seize your opened containers. I found that they allowed my daughter’s sippy cup with juice, but that might not be the case at all airports. Bottom line, have a “plan B” in place!

5. Maintaining A Schedule
Although you’re on vacation, following your typical schedule and routine can be comforting to a toddler. If your child is use to taking a daily nap, do everything in your power to maintain that schedule. Otherwise, you could be vacationing with a cranky and unpleasant child…which isn’t relaxing or fun!

Traveling with a toddler can be lots of fun, but be sure to plan ahead. Be prepared and expect the unexpected! If you can roll with the punches, everyone is sure to have a great time!

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  1. I agree – a DVD player does not hurt. As someone who drives 3 kids 12 hours to South Carolina from the Northeast each summer and Thanksgiving, it\’s a must for us. We just got a brand new car a few weeks ago, and bypassed using it for this Thanksgiving trip, because although it does have XM and heated seats, it does not have a DVD player. Must start saving pennies to have one put in before our summer trip! :)

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