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Triaminic Thin Strips – Coupon


Sick Day Guideline

Cold and Flu Symptoms in Children

When my daughters were younger both were enrolled in family daycare while I worked. My daycare provider was a mom of grown children, and had plenty of experience in recognizing when my girls weren’t feeling quite up to par.

As any new parent or parent will learn, children are very susceptible to illnesses, in part because their immune systems aren’t quite fully mature.

Breastfeeding is a recommended way of providing some immunity to common illnesses, however with so many moms returning to the workforce, most children are weaned by the time they’re 1 year old.

Children also have a habit of exploring the world around them with their mouths and their hands. Anything that comes into contact with their mouth and hands can potentially cause an illness.

The good news is that the more your child is exposed the stronger their immune systems will become, and their ability to fight off infection in the future.

This past fall we’ve all heard about the H1N1 virus.

Now that winter is here, as parents and grandparents we also must recognize symptoms of illness in our children, and know when to take action.

Colds/Cough – Cold and coughs are usually caused by viral infections, thus must be spread by person to person contact, not through the weather alone. Common symptoms of a cold include a stuffy nose, cough, possible sore throat and occasionally a temperature. Colds can become more severe and result in bronchitis, pneumonia and ear infections. Signs that a cold is becoming worse and may need medical treatment include green or yellow nasal discharge, fever lasting more than one day or a persistent and wheezy cough.

Flu – The flu is characterized by headaches, chills, muscle aches and a high fever. Respiratory symptoms may also develop, and a feeling of fatigue which may last for several weeks after initial symptoms. The flu is also spread from person to person contact usually with respiratory secretions of someone who is sick. Antibiotics can’t treat the flu.

Recently I heard through Debbie at We Speak Media about how Triaminic, a leader in children’s over-the-counter cold and flu symptom medication, has put together an online Cold & Flu Symptom Tracker, based on data from SDI Fan® (a source used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).  I checked for my state, and Hartford, Connecticut is currently experiencing moderate cases right now.

Triaminic offers a downloadable sick day guideline which can help parents whether to send their child to daycare or school, or whether to keep them at home.

When dispensing medication to children, remember to always read and follow medicine labels exactly, to ensure that the child receives the right dosage. Single-use products like Triaminic Thin Strips® provides a pre-measured dose of medicine that dissolves quickly on the tongue, so parents know their children are receiving the recommended amount for their age.

You can download a free coupon for $1.50 off TriamincThin strips, an easy way to administer cough and cold medicine to your child.

Visit and to find out the level of cold/flu activity in the city nearest to you.

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