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If you Tweet, another way to increase your Technorati authority and get extra traffic and exposure for your blogs is to claim your Twitter Profile to Technorati. You will then be able to add relevant Technorati tags to your profile. I recently did this and it was so easy!

Twitter Profile Tip: Increase Your Technorati Authority


Increase Technorati AuthorityAs I belong to several social networking communities, I’ve seen quite a bit of interest in how bloggers can increase their Technorati Authority.

I spend quite a bit of time on Twitter and a tremendous amount of traffic to my blogs is generated through links to posts that I tweet.   My friend Cheryl, from The Daily Blonde recently told me that she receives 80% of traffic to her blog via Twitter.

That’s quite a bit of traffic, but then again, almost 11k Tweeple follow @thedailyblonde, and I’m nowhere near those kind of numbers!

Twitter BirdIf you Tweet, another way to increase your Technorati authority and get extra traffic and exposure for your blogs is to claim your Twitter Profile to Technorati and add it to the Technorati Directory.  You will then be able to add relevant Technorati tags to your profile.  I recently did this and it was so easy!

After I followed the easy instructions, I then added a Technorati link to my Twitter Profile page so that any visitors who might want to follow me can click on it and fave me. (While you’re there ~ I’d appreciate it if you faved me! You can fave my blog here too ~ look for the banner!)

If you found this helpful ~

Hat Tip to: Digital Inspiration

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  1. See..I learn something from you all the time. I know little about Technorati. Will try this. Can we make the days a little longer?? :)

    TheDailyBlonde’s last blog post..Thank You For Your Feedback!

  2. I had no idea you could claim your twitter profile on technorati. Going to do that now, thanks!

    catnip’s last blog post..….and I’m PC, but we’re both going to win

  3. Thanks for this tip, Cindi! I’m trying it right now!! Wish me luck!

    Stephany’s last blog post..Shipwrecks and Lifesaving Museum Re-Opening Celebration in Kid-Friendly Nantucket

  4. Wooh,
    Such a simple but effective idea. I have pretty much everything else ‘claimed’ on Technorati, but adding my Twitter Profile page didnt even occur to me.

    It’s a great way to see where people are linking to your profile and Twitter ID.

    Love it, thanks for sharing.


  5. Hi luv all the information u have here but it took me a white to find u’r comment section. Being new to blogging I could use such helpful information. Thank u

    Tricia @ Nightowlmama’s last blog post..Thomas the Train Giveaway

  6. Thanks for this tip!!

  7. Thanks for this post! I’m there now. I definitely needed this now!

    Angie’s last blog post..Share it Sunday

  8. I didn’t know you could claim your twitter profile on technorati. I’ve done it now :)

    Thanks, Cindi!

    Tina @ Mummified Times Five’s last blog post..Cow paddock

  9. Great tip! I’m headed over to do it now. Stumbled!

    Lisa @ Work at Home Mom Revolution’s last blog post..Cloud 10 Work-at-Home Customer Service Agents

  10. Excellent tips! As a newbie to blogging and Twitter, you have great info.

    Erin’s last blog post..Creating Decorative Easter Cookies

  11. Thanks,I never thought the Technorati for twiter…..

  12. Great tip, Cindi! I never even thought about ‘claiming’ my Twitter ID on Technorati…off to get that taken care of now! ;)

    Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)’s last blog post..Dora the Explorer – The Controversy

  13. I just learned something new today and it’s only 1:30 AM! I’ll be working on this later today when I can think straight. Thanks for the info.

    Connie’s last blog post..Winners Announced!

  14. Great idea, it had never occurred to me to claim my Twitter profile.

  15. You are right about the instructions being simple. I faved you as well.

  16. Glad you found it helpful & thanks for the Stumble! Always appreciated!

  17. Wow, cool tip I didn’t know you could do that!

    Kim @ What’s That Smell?’s last blog post..(4/30) My Wonderful Walls Nursery Wall Art – review & $100 GIVEAWAY

  18. This is great stuff. Now if I can only Technorati to start pinging blog again.

    CWK’s last blog post..Would anyone care for Squid and Eggs with a side of hormones?

  19. Can the same thing be done with “Plurk”?

  20. Hi Cheryl ~
    Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting ~ I hope you have the opportunity to sign up for Technorati & add your tremendous Twitter profile to it!

  21. Hi Catnip! Hope my suggestion for adding your Twitter profile to Technorati works for you!

  22. Hi Stephany ~ Thanks for stopping by & Good Luck, hope your Twitter/Technorati works for you! :-)

  23. Thanks Graham! Alway like to share ideas! Thanks for commenting about Technorati!

  24. Hi Tricia ~ Glad you were able to find my comment section & hope you enjoyed the post about Twitter/Technorati. Stop by again!

  25. Hi Angie ~ Thanks for stopping in & commenting on Twitter/Technorati! Visit again!

  26. Hi Tina~

    We learn new things every day, eh? Thanks for stopping by & commenting on Twitter/Technorati & hope you’ll visit again!

  27. Technorati authority is bar none the most useless stat a blogger can worry about. Last year when I was into a bunch of stat boosting, I got my Technorati authority over 5000, but it only lasts 180 days. Again technorati authority only determines the amount of incoming links from the last 180 days, then the links are no longer counted. It can easily be pumped up with memes and link chains thus rendering it completely useless. It’s just a number that means nothing:)

    Bobby Revell’s last blog post..Dehydrated Love Story

  28. Thanks for this information! I’ll get started on that right away. Also, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog on Tuesday toot:)

  29. I use to ping my blogs after each post.

    Thanks for visiting & commenting!

  30. Thanks for the tips – great information.

  31. Thanks for the reminder to add Twitter to my Technorati profile. It just hadn’t dawned on me that I could do that.

    Pussreboots’s last blog post..Review: Rich Brother, Rich Sister

  32. Okay, I did this, but what is the benefit?? I new to all of this and not real sure what I an doing!!

    Moody Mommy’s last blog post..Cymalta….Climbing my way out of Rock Bottom

  33. Hi~
    Thanks for stopping by & commenting~ you might find this article I wrote helpful about Technorati Authority

    How Mommy Bloggers Can Increase Their Technorati Authority

  34. I’ve been taking teleclasses to learn more about facebook and twitter. Your blog is the first time I have heard about the Technorati/Twitter link. Thank you for sharing!

  35. Hi Linda~
    Thanks for your comment! I always try to find interesting things to post, still trying to get the hang of Facebook too! Spending a bit more time on there now.

  36. Thanks for the tip! I am hoping to figure out this technorati thing as I am new to it.

    shelly’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  37. Thanks for the tip! How do you set up your twitter to tweet about your new blog posts? I have just been doing it manually, but I would love to have it set up!

    Amanda Lake’s last blog post..The Pacifier Dilemma

  38. Very cool, I’m going to try this out!
    .-= The Bored Ninja´s last blog ..Ultimate Defense 2 =-.

  39. You have a cool blog! And a great idea. I love Twitter and will look for you. THX!
    .-= Escape Artist´s last blog ..Purple Haze or Green Flash =-.

  40. You know following alot of bloggers I had heard of a Technorati but had no clue what it was!
    Right now they all are tweeting about Klout- which I understand a bit better.
    Thanks for the nice explanation!

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