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How to extend your twitter networking social media reach easily by joining the Twitter Social Media Retweet Group and have Twitter fast blog posts published in the online Daily Newspaper

Free Easy Tips To Set Up A Specialized Content Daily Twitter Newspaper


A Little Birdie Told Me About Social Media

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If you’re an online business work-at-home mompreneur, your primary priority after formulating your crafts or service is to discover the folks that will establish that your business is a winner. Promoting your business is an immense undertaking and Twitter can facilitate in that respect.

You’ve prepared a business plan that may include article marketing, social network marketing and viral advertising. In the social network marketing section, don’t rule out Twitter.

Twitter is more than just an internet site for keeping abreast with the miniscule particulars of day-to-day living. Sure, you’ve discovered that celebrities and other people twitter relentlessly what they had for lunch, upcoming vacations and pop culture but those same hoi polloi can be learning from you about your business or blog.

Twitter BirdTwitter is considered a micro-blogging platform. You can chit chat to anybody who cares to lend an ear. It’s a real-time method to interest the masses  in product reviews, contests, prize giveaways, frugal shopping tips, recipes and more. Twitter is free to use so you can post a hyperlink to your Twitter account on your blog or business website.

That being said, I’d like to let you know that I’m working harder to try
to build a better widget here, and help my readers to cast a wider net.

I came across an interesting site and aggregation tool that allows you to create and publish specialized content “Daily Newspapers” from Twitter Lists. Basically what it entails is:

1.  You can create a Daily Newspaper from Twitter Lists, your Twitter followers or from Twitter Hashtags thus enabling everyone to read specific topics of interest in a one page ezine format posting.

Here’s a screenshot of the page from the newspaper i recently set up:

Twitter Social Media Retweet Google Group

Twitter Social Media Daily Newsletter

Now here comes the good part.

Twitter Networking Social Media Retweet Group

Awhile back I established a Google Group for the purpose of creating a “tribe” of members who Retweet each-other’s tweets.

It’s actually very simple and convenient and similar to retweet groups that are on some ning forum sites.  Only this is easier, because my members post their most important tweets to the group, and the requests are automatically emailed to the members in digest-format daily by email.

Genius, don’t you think?

Of course, like any grandmom “Who’s Been Around the Block,”  I’ve established some criteria and house rules, and membership in the group is either by invitation, or application.

Now here’s the Bonus Part!

As a participant of the Twitter Social Media Retweet Group, the members are listed on my public Twitter List @Moomettes.

The site then takes the member’s Twitter Ids and pulls content from their blog posts to publish the newspaper.  I have no control over it.  I have it set to auto publish, and it also auto-publishes “Featured” members of the group – I have no control over.

So some members who are prolific writers might find their content listed
more frequently than others.

What I will do once the Twitter press daily news  is published,  is to once again Retweet that posting myself – Featuring some of the members who aren’t auto-featured.  Grandmom believes in playing nice.

I think it’s a neat idea! I then request that the members visit the site link, and use the Promote to Facebook button, and also the Retweet Button and do this on a daily basis.

There’s also a widget that can be embed in your blog if you choose (I
Did) and you can view it at the bottom of my right-hand sidebar.   You can adjust the size and color of the widget to compliment your blog.  It rotates member posts, and if a reader clicks, it will click through to that member’s blog post, or also will bring them to the ezine, where the reader can then click through to the member’s blog.

I’ve also created a newspaper for my own personal Twitter followers,
so if you’re following me @Moomettes, you’ll get exposure on my second newsletter:  Moomette’s Daily News.  I repeat the tweeting process to Feature members in my tweet stream.

It’s cool, you can create newspapers for your twitter followers, hashtags, and lists.  

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Comments?  Suggestions?

© C. Matthews 2010

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  1. This sounds really clever and I must admit just slightly over my head for the minute. Still trying to get into Twitter properly and this might be a good way to start. I’ve bookmarked this post and once I’ve given it another read through might sign up to your group as a learning/growing experience. Thanks for posting!
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  2. How cool is that! I am going to get my own twitter newspaper!

  3. Had to come back and re-read this so I could tell my hubs!

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