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This photo was taken on our way to a birthday party outside Montpelier, Vermont's capitol. My son-in-law's cousins live atop this spectacular mountain! The view will take your breath away!

Vermont Snow Covered Mountains Vista


Green Mountains

Before I met my son-in-law, I think I’d only been up to Vermont once to go skiing when I was in high school.  My husband and I would travel up Interstate 91 to go to New Hampshire for vacations, but we never really left the highway to see this beautiful state.

My oldest daughter’s husband is a Vermonter.  I’m so excited that I can now experience the beauty of the Green Mountain state’s four seasons through the eyes of locals, and not as a tourist!  My daughter’s in-laws know all the back roads with a magnificent vista!

Winter Wonderland

This photo was taken on our way to a birthday party outside Montpelier, Vermont’s capitol.  My charming son-in-law’s cousins live atop this spectacular mountain!  The view will take your breath away!

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Snow Covered Vermont Mountains in Winter


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  1. Wow! Beautiful! I loved the White Mountains in NH! I worked there for 2 summers. :)
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  2. You have a talented eye for the best views.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
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  3. WOW! Being from the South, I am sure that is something I will never witness!
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  4. pretty! I’m so glad I only have to look at the snow through WW posts and not for real. bbbrrrr! :)
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  5. How beautiful! That is definitely quite a view!

  6. What a beautiful mountain top view! I’ve never been to Vermont, my late sister would go there every year on vacation and she loved it there. I hope one day to visit.
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  7. wow such a beautiful picture
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  8. That is breathtakingly beautiful. I’m in Seattle, so no snow this year-so sad!!! Happy WW!
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  9. Gorgeous!!! This is really a great shot!
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  10. Gorgeous Pictures! Happy WW!
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  11. I’m not fond of that white stuff at all…..I’d prefer the Deep South. LOL

    Do come visit me if you can find time. :o)
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  12. So next time you go on vacation, you’re taking us with you, right? That is beautiful!
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  13. So beautiful but I so would not be able to handle that cold.
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  14. You always have such beautiful Wed. pictures!
    Happy WW!
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  15. I love Vermont .. beautiful! Of course I am a borned and raised and still live in NH gal and most of my Dad’s family lives in VT! Happy WW!

  16. Oh you always have such gorgeous pictures
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  17. I forgot to click participabt
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  18. Just gorgeous – what a view they have!
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  19. That’s beautiful! Stopping by from SITS!
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  20. Love it! I wish our snow would get that deep!
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  21. Beautiful! I have only been there once but look forward to the days when we have more money to travel so we can visit! :)
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  22. Beautiful! I never appreciated winter scenery (I’m from NZ) but now that I live in Austria that’s pretty much all there is so I’ve come to ;P I’m happy spring is finally here though.
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