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Volkswagen Bug, College Days & Gas was 32 Cents a Gallon


Did you ever want to go back in time? I mean, just a little bit? Back to when life was…a little more simplistic, carefree, 20 pounds lighter? (OK, maybe just a tad more.)

I filled up my gas tank the other day (OK, so I didn’t, I put in like maybe 3 gallons, because I hadn’t hit the ATM yet), and gas was $4.21 per Gallon here in Connecticut.

Good ole Connecticut. Land of Steady Habits and high taxes.

It got me thinking to when I was flip-flopping between colleges. I left the All-Womens college I was going to in Massachusetts (yes – they were quite the thing back then, and there were a ton of them.) DH, who was then DBF, was going to school in Milwaukee, and he came home too. We both transferred to local colleges and lived at home. Actually, hardly anyone had their own place back then, we just lived with our parents.

Anyway, back to the gas thing. I had a 1970 Volkswagen Bug, almost practically brand new, that cost me $2,000. To commute from my house to college, was about 7 miles. I used to fill up my tank for $3.00, at 32-Cents Per Gallon!

After we got married – the gas wars and rationing began, and we could only fill up on odd/even days, depending what letter our last name began with.

Something tells me we might be headed in that direction again.

If you’re one of my young readers – ask your parents if that happened in your home state. If you’re a Boomer like me… you remember?

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  1. My brother specializes on VW’s so I know of that car, but I’m a little too young to remember that stuff.

  2. Gas prices are atrocious. I’ve been hearing all over that people are starting to siphon gas out of parked cars, which is also a throw back to earlier days.

    I drove from Pennsylvania to Virginia over the weekend…I stopped keeping track of my total bill at $130 :\ That was even WITHOUT using A/C…BAH!

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