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Building a Squidoo lens is an awesome free way to market a business online or earn income from affiliate programs. But just having a lens up isn't enough. In order for your lens to really pull in the visitors you must make sure it contains 10 crucial elements. Discover my checklist for building quality Squidoo lenses quickly and effectively.

WAHM ~ Generate a Passive Source of Income by Becoming a Squidoo Lens Master


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As a Baby Boomer looking to supplement my finances,  I’ve found another way to generate a passive source of income.  If you’re  a SAHM or Work At Home Mom you might want to consider becoming a Squidoo Lensmaster.

What’s nice is that you can link your lenses  to your blogs, web pages or post on your Facebook profile.

The premise of Squidoo is:

Squidoo is a hand-built collection of nearly 900,000 pages built by people just like you.

Squidoo is about giving you a free, easy place to set up a page online. About anything you’re interested in.

Squidoo is about finding people when you care what they know instead of who they know.

I’ve been building lenses for awhile now and trying to generate interesting ideas that I enjoy and hope that other people would be interested in.  Right now I have several in draft that I work on when I get the opportunity, and will be publishing a new lens shortly.

Also, I’m always  on the lookout how to build a better “Widget.”  SquidU is a wonderful venue for meeting new people and sharing ideas.

Recently I came across this informative article I’d like to share that succinctly summarizes information about Squidoo that will help you get started.

The Top 10 Checklist For Building an Effective Squidoo Lens

By Josh Bradley

Squidoo is quickly becoming a great way to market a business online and earn income via affiliate programs. In case you don’t know, Squidoo is a free resource that allows anyone to build web pages (referred to as “lenses”) about anything and everything. From an Internet Marketing perspective, these lenses can be extremely search engine friendly and drive massive traffic to your website.

Here are 10 strategies to build a great Squidoo lens that will bring traffic and money your way.

1. Make sure you completely fill out your entire Squidoo profile. This includes adding an interesting bio about yourself and a photo that represents you. Doing this will let people on Squidoo know what you’re about and encourage them to read more of your lenses

2. The name you choose for your lens is very important. Your title needs to be unique and catchy rather than bland and generic. The title also needs to point out exactly what the page is about and should include search terms that people would use when seeking out the info you are providing.

For example, the title “Why Dalmatians Are The Coolest Dogs Ever!” beats the pants off “About Dalmatian Dogs”.

3. Write a quality introduction that is appealing and informative to the reader. Your intro should also contain keyword / search terms in order for the search engines to recognize you. Remember that the first line of your intro is often what shows up in the search engines so make sure that it displays your purpose of the lens and targeted keywords.

4. Write killer content that people will enjoy. If you lens lacks content, doesn’t entertain or doesn’t inform people than nobody is going to want to read it. Pick subjects that you know something about and share your experiences. If people see you are excited that will get them fired up too. As always, don’t forget to include your keywords and search terms throughout the copy but make sure you don’t go overboard with this (ie. keyword spamming).

5. Include targeted links to related content. Remember that search engines notice not only who is linking to you, but also who you are linking to. Make sure that when you do link to related websites you use targeted words and phrases as your links. For example, if you are writing about Mini Coopers your outgoing links should say something like, “For more info, check out this website on Mini Coopers” instead of just “Click here“. You can also add Amazon and other modules that can help with this.

6. Don’t forget the graphics. Graphics will help break up your content and encourage people to continue reading.

7. Make sure that you tag your lens with 10 to 30 phrases and keywords that people might search for when looking for your topic.

8. Provide a variety of content. Large blocks of text, ads, graphics, etc can easily lose your reader’s attention. Mix it up and spread your lens out.

9. Encourage people to come back to your lens by providing a guestbook and poll. You also want to update or change your content every once in awhile which will help you with the search engines.

10. Make sure you proofread before you publish. Grammar and spelling do matter so utilize your spellchecker and read through your content a few times before you go live. It’s also a good idea to have others read your stuff over to catch anything you might have missed.

So now all that’s left for you to do is take action and start Squidooing! By putting all these strategies to use it won’t take long until you are enjoying targeted traffic to your website compliments of your new Squidoo lenses.

Josh Bradley is an online marketing specialist that has developed many products and services relating to the Internet business industry. Check out his website at to take advantage of FREE training, expert articles and “insider” information about increasing your profits from home.

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Article Source:  Ezine Articles

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