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I decided I wasn’t that brave, and left the beef stick on the table in the office lunch room. To me, it would be like eating Big Bird.

What’s For Dinner Tonite Mom: How About Ostrich?


Big Bird

Reflecting back on the last two months of the bariatric diet plan I’m on (based on Atkins), I’ve drastically changed my eating habits.

And now I’m supposed to eat OSTRICH.  No Way.  I mean, I’m willing to do drastic, but not DRASTIC! I don’t even like chicken!

This diet isn’t easy.  During the first two weeks I wanted to give up, but my husband kept encouraging me to keep at it. At times I felt like passing out, probably because I hadn’t drank the 64 oz. of water that’s recommended. But I’ve managed to lose 20 pounds so far.  At first I wanted to lose 25 lbs, but now I’ve pushed it up to 30.

I’ve eaten more salad than I probably have in my lifetime. I’m limited to olive oil and vinegar as a dressing.

I can only eat 3 ounces of meat, chicken or fish, and only certain kinds of fish at that (no oysters, tuna steak or swordfish.)  No carbs – which means no artisan breads; pasta; potatoes of any kind or rice. This is difficult, because in Connecticut we have tons of wonderful authentic Italian restaurants!  Family owned mom and pop places, with mama simmering the gravy in the back kitchen  -–not just the usual chain restaurants such as Olive Garden.

My only real meal is at dinner, and I always try to add a green salad.  If I do go to a chain, so far my favorite has been Chili’s because I really enjoy their Asian Salad.

But the whole point of this post is that when I don’t eat my one allowed meal a day of real food, I have to eat the meal replacement product that I must purchase through the doctor’s office.

So…. As a “snack” one day I picked up a beef stick.  So I thought.  I got ready to open it, but decided to read what was in it (big mistake) – and there it was “Ostrich.”

Now I’ve eaten Mako Shark fresh off the dock when we were boating in Montauk, New York.  I’ve tried Alligator Bites down at the Connecticut shore.

I posed the question “Would You Eat Ostrich?” to an influencial mom blogger and some friends, and here’s what a few of them had to say:


The only thing i have had outside chicken and steak is quail and it was yummy. Oh and turtle in New Orleans..its a soup there. Not bad actually. I am always willing to try new things!


I LOVE ostritch. Seriously it is one of my favorite meats. You can get cheap Ostrich at the county fairs, but good Ostrich at fine restaurants. YUM!

It has been commercially grown here for a while, and I have seen it for sale even around my home

The 1st time we went to AZ, we passed & stopped at an ostrich farm! them buggers are mean! tried to snap yer head off if you got to close to them… must of known people were eying up there breasts & thighs! LOL

My one aunt had us over for a whole meal of wild game, and hubby was ecstatic! moose, elk, bear… can’t remember it all.. I didn’t try it all, only because I don’t eat much at one time! and we often had turtle chowder growing up. but my gran could make anything taste good.

yea, I would try it!

Why not? My husband’s eaten squirrel pot pie and all kinds of stuff the guys he worked with a few jobs ago used to bring into work. The most “exotic” things I’ve eaten are bison, deer, and frog legs.

I probably wouldn’t try it just because…I don’t know quite how to word it…it’s so strange to me, I guess. Cheesy  I never would have even thought of eating ostrich but I suppose it’s a bird like chicken, turkey, etc.

Some strange things I liked that I have tried before….shark(delicious!), alligator (it really wasn’t bad at all), bison burgers (best hamburger I ever had), and I love, love, love crawfish!

My mom bought it when I was in high school. I couldn’t get the image of a giant bird with big eyes staring at me out of my head.

When researching this new “food stuff,” here’s a few Ostrich Food Facts I found out:

Facts About Ostrich Meat

We all know that ostrich is a bird and its meat comes under poultry. Unlike the meat of most of the other birds that come under poultry, ostrich meat is red. Ostrich meat is considered as red meat and is fast replacing beef and other red meat, due to various reasons. The following are some of the ostrich meat facts that can help you understand the reasons for its popularity.

  • Ostrich meat resembles beef in looks and taste, but it is very low in calories, fat and cholesterol.
  • When compared to other types of white meat, like chicken and turkey, ostrich meat has low fat content and the calories in ostrich meat is also very low. To be more precise, ostrich meat has 66% less fat than beef, 50% less fat than chicken and less calories than chicken, turkey, pork, lamb and beef.
  • Ostrich meat is rich in proteins and contains more iron than beef, lamb, turkey, chicken and pork.
  • Unlike chicken and turkey, there is no breast meat for ostrich. Ostrich meat is mostly taken from the legs, thighs and the back of these birds.
  • It can also be observed that ostrich meat does not have fat marbling, as seen in beef. As the fat in these birds is deposited outside the muscles, the fatty parts are easily removed at the time of processing itself.
  • The popularity of ostrich meat may also be due to its sweeter and richer taste when compared to other types of meat. You can buy it as burgers, sausages, fillets, prime steaks, diced and stir fry. This meat can also be used as a replacement for other meats in your favorite recipes.
  • If you want to try out some recipes, the following information may help you. If the cut meat is labeled as tender, it should be broiled, grilled or fried and those with medium-tender ratings should be poached or braised. For roasting and stir-frying, you can use all cuts. The leg meat of ostrich is mostly processed or ground.
  • For cooking, it has to be noted that ostrich meat cooks faster, as it has very low fat content.

Truth be told, I decided I wasn’t that brave, and left the beef stick on the table in the office lunch room.   To me, it would be like eating Big Bird.  You wouldn’t believe how fast freebie food (of any kind, nor no matter how old) gets grabbed up if you work in a cubicle.

So what do you think, should I buy another and try it?  Would you?

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  1. Oh try it, you might be surprised!
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  2. I had no idea ostrich had 50% less fat than chicken. I know the “gamier” meats are generally healthier because they’re lower in fat, but it’s cool to see the actual numbers. I still say go for it. If you’ve ever eaten a hot dog, you’ve already partaken in what I consider to be the biggest food adventure.
    .-= Look at what Amanda hopes you’ll read: …Memorial Day 2010 =-.

  3. I say EAT THE BIRD :D

    I would have imagined it to be greasy like duck, but apparently it is a dieter’s dream.

    PS. Great work on the diet!
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  4. Yea..not happening~ Sorry for you ;( AND I’m proud of your accomplishments!!

  5. I’ve tried ostrich burgers and it was actually quite good. I’m not one to eat strange things either. My husband is chinese and swears chicken feet (found at dim sum restaurants) is to die for. More like I’d die before eating chicken feet.
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  6. I haven’t had it in years. I look for it next time. :)
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  7. Was everyone able to change your mind, I would try it, if someone told me what it was after I tried it. Sometimes, just having an open mind can help quite a bit
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  8. I couldn’t do it! I have a hard time eating anything I that’s not my “usual”.
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  9. I would have tried it. The strangest thing I’ve eaten was octopus at a Greek restaurant. The little suction cup thingies stuck to the side of my cheek. Weird.
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  10. I would try it – but I don’t blame you for being fed up with the limited diet options! Hang in there though, you are doing AMAZING!
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  11. We were at an Ostrich festival in Phoenix a few months ago and they were serving Ostrich burgers. I just couldnt eat it. Maybe its because the actualy birds were in my sight and it creeped me out. O well next time I guess.

  12. Umm…I am not sure that I could partake. I am not very adventurous though when it comes to food. Thanks for joining Admirer Monday!
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