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Will the Current Economic Downturn Increase my eBay Business?


You might call me a FT “clipper”. Before the advent of the Internet, part of the duties of my predecessor in my FT job were to read the national newspapers, and “clip articles” that would pertain to issues that were industry-related. I’m still a “clipper”, but now I do it on the Internet. A good portion of my FT cubicle job involves research. I read at least 20 national and local newspapers a day for industry-related topics. Of course, my “eyes” also find a lot of other interesting “stuff” to read…great columnists, recipes…business news that would affect my eBay store.

Today I ran across this article in the New York Times ~ Retailing Chains Caught in a Wave of Bankruptcies. The article discusses bankruptcies and the failure of many large retail chain stores. This makes me question how it’s going to affect my eBay business. Although I’d love to see the economy pick up, as it affects my household finances, I wonder if folks will be looking more towards eBay to try to find the perfect bargain. I’m sure not only Baby Boomers or retirees on fixed incomes, but also young families will be affected. Will I see an increase in business? I hope so.

I’m an eBay Power Seller, always on the lookout for a great quality product to offer my customers. Besides the vintage collectibles I’m fond of, I also offer New with Tags, and Excellent Previously Loved items. Sometimes my finds never make it to my Moomette’s Magnificents store ~ my DDs abscond with them as soon as I walk in the door!

I think there’s going to be some tough competition this Spring on eBay, with sellers offering bargain auction starting prices on used items, and buyers trying to save a buck or two to make ends meet. I’ve bought many gently used boutique items for ‘lil Moomette myself on eBay, and with a grandson on the way…I’m looking for clothing for him (no-name picked out yet) too! Does this mean I inadvertently helped contribute to the current economic situation because I buy used? Sounds like a Catch-22 to me ~ which came first ~ the chicken or the egg?

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