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How do you handle snow? Does your inner-child come out? Maybe you always dreamed of participating in the Winter Olympics!

Snow What Winter Olympics? Find Me at the Lodge


What Kind of Snow Bunny Are You?

2010 Winter Olympics Logo

After the blizzard the Mid-Atlantic states and Washington D.C. experienced this week, we in Connecticut were lucky we missed it.

But our turn in New England is coming on Wednesday!

How do you handle snow?  Does your inner-child come out?  Maybe you always dreamed of participating in the Winter Olympics! Do you rush off to go skiing, snowboarding, skating or sledding? Do you hunker down inside, or maybe go on a cruise or fly south like the snowbirds from up North do?

I just took this little test – and if you read through my posts and 101 Random Things About Me – you’ll see it’s right on the mark! Look for me inside the Ski Lodge!

You Are a Snow Kitten

You like snow in small doses. You find snow to be comforting, and you love to snuggle up under a blanket of snow.

You’re not a big fan of the hassles of snow. You’re happy to see it come, but you’re also happy to see it go.

Go ahead and venture out in the snow from time to time! Throw a snowball or make a snow angel.

You have an inner snow bunny inside you, and it’s time to let that bunny play.

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  1. I wanted to come by and support your post, but I’m not really in the mood to take a quiz right now. Can you believe all the weather around the country? Stay warm!
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  2. very cute. turns out i’m a snow bear Lol
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  3. Very cute, especially since we’re covered in tons of snow and I just watched a little bunny leave tracks all over the fresh snow in my back yard.

    You Are a Snow Bunny
    When it comes to snow, the more snow you get the merrier you are.
    You believe that snow is magical and beautiful. Just seeing the snow fall makes you feel peaceful.

    You love to be out and about in the snow, whether you’re making a snowman or hitting the slopes.
    You don’t even mind shoveling snow. If that’s the price you have to pay for a winter wonderland, you’ll gladly pay it.
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  4. Cat! That’s amazing – exactly your fun-filled personality! I’m astounded how these “quizzes” seem to get everything just right!

    Enjoy playing in the snow with your 3 kids! I’ll be drinking hot toddy’s in the lodge watching you!

  5. This is me:

    You Are Not Competitive

    There is not a competitive bone in your body. Competition doesn’t hold much appeal for you.
    If anything, you are only likely to compete with yourself. What other people do doesn’t matter to you.

    While it’s generally healthy to not be competitive, you may want to step up from time to time.
    Competition can be motivating and fun. Even if you lose, you’ll learn a lot about yourself.

  6. Thanks for stopping by & take the Snow Bunny quiz, it’s cute!

  7. Hi Brandy – there’s isn’t a competitive (sports) bone in my body either – but both my girls were high school and college athletes!

  8. Stopping by from SITS to say Hi!
    I love snow and miss it, however, I do not miss the cold. I lived in Missouri until 6 years ago and now we reside in South Florida.
    I am adding you so I can come back & read more!
    Please stop by!

  9. I hate the snow! It is pretty for a minute, but I hate being cold and driving in it!!!
    I live in Michigan – go figure!!!

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