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Work From Home, Raise Your Children and Make Some Money


It is the wee hours of the morning here in New England. The evening air is so refreshing at this time of night.

As I’ve gotten older, my routine has changed, and I’ve become more of a night owl. I’m still employed full-time, and as you all know, trying to retire.

Blogging has easily become a passion of mine. I’ve discovered new interests from the great blogs I’ve visited, and made many friends. One of the ways I’ve discovered new blogs is through SocialSpark. Not only do I get to visit interesting blogs, but there’s also a very supportive community of blogger friends who are eager to visit your blog, and give you a ‘thumbs up’ when they like what you’ve posted!

Even though I’m a Baby Boomer trying to retire and earn additional income, Social Spark is also a great way for Stay-At-Home Moms to become Work-At-Home Moms

My extended family and friends are subscribers to my blogs, and follow me (or perhaps I should say, check up on me) to see what I’m blathering about. I have two blogs, one of which promotes my ecommerce businesses, while the second one is my fun blog. (You’re reading my “fun” blog!)

My oldest daughter is expecting her second child in just a few weeks. Daycare gets to be pretty expensive for one child, much less two, especially when one is an infant. My daughter has an online Virtual Assistant business which she established. Since she was a Communications major in college, blogging would be another excellent way for her to promote her business and still maintain a sense of community with other moms who share similar interests.

Social Spark is also an excellent social networking vehicle by which to not only monetize one’s blog, but to build that sense of community!

Sign up for Social Spark’s mailing list in order to join as soon as it is public. If you’re a Mom, you’ll be glad you did! Put a little of that bloggy money in a piggy bank to treat yourself to something nice!

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